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  • Laura

    I believe that is her younger son Brentt, not Bryson.

    • Amanda Mull

      You’re right, and that was totally my bad! I told Emily the wrong name.

      • Laura

        Amanda, you’re fired! :)

  • AshleyG

    I’m still amazed at how far NeNe has come from the first couple of seasons of RHOA. I love her style now!

  • Tiffany Whaley De Leon

    Nene is awesome! I like how on the latest episode she kept picking at Kenya about her relationship with Walter! LOL! She is too much! The scene when they were all getting massages and Nene was all shy was funny too! The bag is awesome but huge!

  • Jen

    Can anyone ID her glasses? The brand?

    • Jamar Williams

      I believe Celine

      • Linda

        I’ve been trying to find that frame,

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