Chloe Baylee Bag
$2,050 via Bergdorf Goodman

The Many Bags of January Jones Part Two 11
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  • Monica

    uuuuggggh I just cannot see the fashion in those ripped mom jeans…

    • anouk

      On the contrary, I find them very sexy when paired with decent tops!

  • Petra B.

    The last bag is so classy ! Anyone knows who makes it?

  • Ebun

    Amanda, this new style of very detached. We miss your side commentary and wit!!! It made the article fun. At least sprinkle it under a couple photos, if not all. Bring it back! Bring it back! {chants}

    • wendyo123

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    • Jenni

      Yes it was much more fun !

    • Amanda

      Totally agree!

    • Amanda Mull

      I’ll see what I can do! The side commentary was making the TMBOs extremely time-consuming, so we’re experimenting with ways to balance the workload with the results.

  • shueaddict

    she’s also got some serious sunglasses game … And because I had time on my hands checking this out while stuck in traffic – I reckon January Jones has got a new bag each month since you last wrote about her – and at least around 30k worth of them.

  • anouk

    Quite an interesting collection, i must say!

  • Wow

    That Fendi bag’s amazing.

  • Saymama

    Her collection is super boooring! Save for 1 bag! Bleh!

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