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  • mllep

    Cute bag and ever-chic girl. The book is great and much cheaper on amazon.

  • SeaSaltCaramels

    it’s sooooo beauuuutiiiifullll. so obsessed.

  • louch

    Love the bunny ears on her mobile phone – oh and the bag! I have the small in a raisin goatskin and it’s TDF. Can’t believe I own a bag that Kate Moss owns!!

  • bryologue

    Very sleek in all-black!

    • anouk

      All black ensemble has been my uniform for years! Trust me, i’m no copy-Kate but my skin radiates when I’m wearing black. =)

  • anouk

    victoria beckham must take a leaf out of this British woman’s book: EFFORTLESSLY stylish are the operative words unlike the former who’s trying soooo hard! Victoria is the quintessial Brit=stiff & pathetic! oh dear! :(

  • anouk

    Ladies, you might wanna add Kate Moss to your “The Many Bags of..”.

  • Joanna

    Love this bag. Very cute!

  • I believe it was Marc Jacobs who once said something along the lines of “an ugly bag on a cool girl becomes a cool bag.” The Antigona is not an ugly bag, and it would surely sell out regardless who was photographed carrying it, but let’s face it; Kate can make any bag look good. She is that cool girl who makes everything look amazing. That’s why we love her!

  • Saymama

    TOTALLY LOOOOOOVING this bag all the way from Lagos! There’s just something about it that adds a certain level of polish to any look, however, dressed up or down you may be! The latest on my LUST LIST! Thanks for making me bankrupt!

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