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  • I’m always pro-leather, but this description gave me goosebumbs.

  • JaneH

    That is the scariest description of fur I’ve heard of so far…..

  • louch

    You’re telling us she used to speak for PETA and she carries bags like that? Ugh. Makes me wanna throw up.

  • Guest

    I have no problem whatsoever with fur, but I don’t think that coat’s very flattering on her and I don’t care for the bag at all.

  • Hierophilic

    She’s so gross ugh ew.

  • Tiffany

    Wow! I am a fan of hers but the bag is not cute! Much less where it comes from?! Really she needs a bag that bad to sacrifice a lamb and a baby one too??

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    OMG I was randomly reading the post and the end just threw vivid, horrible images in my mind.

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