Celine Dion carries leopard Celine bag in NYC (5)

Celine, meet Celine! Here’s Celine Dion, returning to her NYC hotel, clutching a Celine Classic Box Bag in leopard calf hair and black leather. This Celine-on-Celine action particularly tickles me because enterprising streetwear entrepreneurs have already emblazoned parody t-shirts with the Celine Dion name in the style of Celine’s brand logo. (Here’s an example on eBay.) Seeing Celine carrying something from the French brand is like a hilarious fashion dream come true.

The temptation to carry a high-dollar bag that bears your own name (sort of) is probably just too great. If “Emily” bags were suddenly a thing, sheer vanity would probably drive me to buy one. Of course, Celine could just be drawn to Celine’s bags for the same reasons the rest of us are: because they’re gorgeous. But it’s probably the name, right? She does have a famously good sense of humor.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska Petra B.

    WOW. What an amazing bag! It’s honestly one of the best bags I’ve seen so far.

  • Lilly

    Love that bag. She is so awesome on stage, her concert was one of the best shows I’ve seen. Love her, she needs a many bags of because I know she has a ridiculous collection.

  • Guest

    Love Celine, love the bag. I agree with the previous commenter who spoke of Celine Dion’s wonderful concerts. Her stage presence is incredible! I felt that I got every penny of my money’s worth for that show and then some. For me, she can do no wrong.

  • D.L

    Still remember the news back in 2008 when this woman bought 9 bags of knock-off luxury purses in Shanghai. lol

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