The Many Bags of Celebs at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014

The name “Fashion Week” is so misleading. A quick seven days of fancy clothes and we’re done and can move on, right? Please? NOPE. Fashion already has a warped sense of time (winter coats for sale in June, anyone?), and now we’re done with our third week of Fashion Week, this one in Italy. Milan Fashion Week has come and gone, but as with both New York and London before it, the full story of the event isn’t just what happens inside the shows. There’s a whole world of fashion going on outside as well, and that includes some people of varying levels of fame carrying handbags. Naturally, where there are people carrying bags, we are there to document it. Take a look at the best handbag moments from outside Milan’s Spring 2014 shows.

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  • Guest

    This is definitely a different feel from the NYFW. I’ve been seeing Blake Lively’s picture everywhere and I must say that she deserves it. It’s plain and simple and flaunts everything that is good about her – it makes her look even more like a goddess!

    • Amanda Mull

      I always find it really interesting to see how the look changes between NY, London, Milan and Paris. Each city has a very distinct fashion vibe to it, even in an increasingly globalized industry.

  • bananadelrey

    I definitely love these Italian fashions more than any other.

  • LW

    Some people have more money than sense. A sash? And that hat?

    And that Mom should tell her kid not to pick out a wedgie in public. lol

    But Selena and Blake hit it out of the park. Gorgeous.

  • anouk

    That GUCCI clutch is <3 !!!!!

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