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New York Fashion Week Day 8 Bags
Fashion Week

Thursday marked the eighth and final day of New York Fashion Week. My shooting efforts were focussed around the attendees of Marc Jacobs’ Spring show, which was held at the iconic Hammerstein Ballroom, smack center in midtown Manhattan, half a block from Madison Square Garden.

New York Fashion Week Day 7 Bags
Fashion Week

While NYFW officially ended today, we are sharing photos from the previous day, so you still have this dose and one final batch of Vlad’s photos to consume. One of the biggest shows on day 7 of NYFW was Michael Kors and the streets were crazy with people, photographers and onlookers alike.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 Day 6 Bags
Fashion Week

I really don’t know how everyone does it. Just when I start to think my handbag collection is pretty amazing, I go to fashion week and find that many people have a far more eclectic bunch of bags than I do.

New York Fashion Week SS 2017 Day 5 Bags
Fashion Week

Yesterday was day 5 of New York Fashion Week, and I can honestly say that as the days progress and Vlad has more bag shots to share, I fall in love with handbags all over again.

New York Fashion Week Day 4 Bags
Fashion Week

Yesterday the temperatures finally cooled down a bit enough for Vlad to spend a bit more time outside of the shows and the show-goers to more comfortably wear some of their fall wares. The attendees of fashion week never disappoint as far as bringing out outfits that many save just for these special occasions and bags and accessories that will stand out as well.

New York Fashion Week - Days 1 - 3
Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is upon us again and over the years we’ve learned that the content you love most as a whole is seeing the style and bags people carry to the shows. Of course we’ll still cover some of the best handbags being sent down the runway, but there’s nothing better than seeing what people wear outside of them.

Jennifer Fisher Team
The Many Bags of

One of my favorite posts we do on PurseBlog is our Many Bags Of series, especially when it pertains to real life people and not just our celeb roundups. Vlad and I met Jennifer Fisher, famed jewelry designer and all around cool girl, a few years ago and took a peek in her bag to share with you and recently decided to check back in and follow up with her and her team to see the bags they carry to work.

Prada Double Bag (1)

UPDATE: Prada Shoulder Straps are now available for purchase on Prices range from $800 to $1,355 via

When it comes to the most iconic bag brands, Prada is easily one of the most recognizable and most widely loved.

VC Polo Classic 2016 (1)

A couple years ago, we attended our first Vueve Cliquot Polo Classic in NYC, and it was one of those experiences you don’t forget. This year, Vlad headed back to NYC to shoot the event again (I had serious FOMO back in Florida), and from what he shared and the photos I saw, it was another one of those pinch-me-is-this-real kinds of days.

The Many Bags of Bergdorf Goodman
The Many Bags of

Usually when we do a Many Bags of feature, it’s a deep dive into celebrity’s handbag collection, but sometimes we’re lucky enough to visit fashion brands or companies to investigate what their very stylish employees carry to work.

WIHB Adriana Castro (1)

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