Hermes Lucky Key Ring

While many know Hermes as the herald of the Olympian gods, we all know Hermes as the creme de la creme of the handbag, silk scarf, enamel bracelets, and home objects world. The most coveted handbag to many is the Hermes Birkin, which typically has a waiting list and starts around $6000. If you are determined to own a part of the Hermes world, start small and work your way up. The Hermes Lucky Key Ring is made with goatskin. Hopefully, this piece will be your lucky charm to help you on your way to Birkin heaven. Buy it through Hermes online for $120.

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  • Tuesday

    I haven’t looked at the Hermes website in a long time. That is probably one of the best done websites I’ve ever seen.

  • Gary

    I prefer the Karmen.

    Or for an extra $40 you can get a leather bracelet.

  • Naggy

    Plants (including flowers), animals, insects, fruits, and girlish charms (key, heart, angel)are on the list of tackiness because they’re almost never well done to bring something different and/or appealing to the table. (ipad)

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