Last night, on a very special episode of Gossip Girl, things got real. Messy, sloppy feelings were had about a messy, sloppy overdose that everyone thought was a suicide attempt, an impending divorce and the continued saga of Chuck, Blair and our perpetual need to be the third party in their complicated, tortured, beautiful relationship.

The last time we wrote about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Save the Birds Lenny Day Bag, the Saks pre-order sold out so quickly that many people didn’t get a chance to reserve theirs. Now that it’s back, we thought we’d let you know in case you’re one of the people whose pre-order attempts weren’t successful the first time around.

Beyond the aesthetic issues I have with so-called “ethnic” or “tribal” fashion, I also have ethical problems with the trend. Fashion tends to take visual cues from a whole spectrum of influences without always stopping to think what kind of attitudes or problems it may be tacitly endorsing by glorifying a particular look, and ripping off indigenously sourced materials and patterns without providing any kind of benefit to the people who created them or the culture from which they come is among the least attractive practices in modern fashion.

The Stella McCartney Falabella Tote first gained favor over a year ago when celebrities as varied as Rihanna and Kate Hudson began sporting the simple, biker-chic faux leather bag with every kind of outfit you could imagine.

What retailers are you visiting for Cyber Monday and what kind of deals have you nabbed?

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was a difficult one, in many different ways. Not only did we see the dissolution of a marriage, but we were forced (forced!) by Kandi to consider the sexual proclivities of our group of Atlanta broad, and then we had to watch a male stripper wag his peen in their faces.

I may have skipped the Black Friday hordes because of past retail experience, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t buy anything during the year’s busiest retail weekend. I ordered a cute printed dress from Saks and will probably place at least one ShopBop order before today is done in order to take advantage of my favorite e-tailer’s massive sale.

I would go as far as to suggest that getting your holiday shopping done early this year sounds like a mighty fine idea. The good folks at Net-A-Porter US make it easy to get a head start with up to 50% markdowns of your favorite bags, clothing, shoes and accessories.

Depending on who you are, backpacks might be kind of a tough sell. They’re purposefully boyish and perhaps a bit infantilizing, but if you’ve got an edgy personal style and lots of confidence, they can look utilitarian-chic in all the right ways.

Some designers try to go in eight directions at once, but generally, Judith Leiber only has one goal, and that’s to create the sparkliest, shiniest collection of evening bags known to man. The company once again took on that task for Spring 2011, but it also tried its hand at the occasional exotic skin and day bag, standard Leiber flourishes of which not everyone is aware.

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