February always sneaks up on me, and then it leaves as quickly as it arrived. The month is filled with fashion weeks, so it’s a bit crazy, plus this February was so cold that I spent most of my time strategically deciding the quickest way to get from point A to point B without freezing. I did get a little shopping in, though, and while I told myself I have plenty of Celine bags, I found my way into the store and picked up a Celine Cabas Tote.

Celine Cabas Tote (2)

It wasn’t my intention to add another bag to my collection in February, but the light tote from Celine is great for carrying and it doesn’t weigh me down. Plus, I love the muted yellow and black combo. Now that I’m opening up discussions each month where we share our purchases, my love for handbags will be truly on display (which is both a good thing and bad thing). I’m really happy with this bag, but it doesn’t blow me away – what you see is what you get. The Cabas Tote could really use a shoulder strap; the top handles don’t leave enough room to move this bag up your arm very far. But I also appreciate the simplicity, because I just throw a bunch of things in this bag and run out of the house with it.

So now let’s hear and see what you bought in February? Remember, you can share a photo in the comments section below!

Celine Cabas Tote (3)

Celine Cabas Tote (4)

Celine Cabas Tote (5)

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  • kindled

    I don’t think I’d ever noticed what a short drop the cabas tote has. Pity, but it’s such a pretty bag.

  • Sandra

    A pink Chanel wallet on a chain…

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, it’s a really pretty tote even though I would have loved it more if it was slightly shorter in height and also with straps. Have you ever tried Everlane Bags? I bought the Petra Market bag in Feb and boy does the quality and craftsmanship surpass that of Celine Cabas which I also own! I was blown away by the soft buttery leather of the Everlane Petra it almost made me feel as though I was holding a handbag made of Chervo leather! Unbelievable amazing quality for such a great price of less than 500!

  • nappy

    the fendi fur monster is the perfect topper for the bag!!! tell me Megs, did the fur come before the bag or it was an innocent (?!?) accident? lol i really love the bag coz of the stark simplicity but i’m really afraid of using it for heavier items (they said it can carry up to 5 kgs., of which i am highly doubtful!) i have one in leopard jute and black bottom combo.. i would really love to use it as a work bag but i am too afraid to overstuff it (which i almost always do with my bags) so i don’t end up really using it that much.. ugh,.. blabbing again.. hahaha

  • emo.gen

    Hi, Megs.. I have to admit I was drooling for one myself.. But I finally settle on a Givenchy Easy Tote.. It was spacious, very versatile and very beautiful.. I am having a blast using it.. I even attempt to wear it every day although my Hubby said I should just take it “Easy”.. Still I envy that cute bag bug you got there, Megs..

  • Viv1win

    Can you tell me if this serial number for celine micro bag is a real s-sn-1121?