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  • khm

    I use my trio bag for sightseeing or a day out shopping when I travel – it’s lightweight for a Celine, the perfect size for carrying a passport or money and it packs easily.

  • Katerina

    Could you please let me know which color is this? It is wonderful! Is it the Glacier? Thanks!

    • I can’t remember exact color, but it may be Glacier… let me see if I can figure it out!

      • AC

        Can u post a picture of combining your 2 trios? Im just curious how it would look multi colored. Thanks

      • Katerina

        Thanks, I would love to know!

  • wow, love this purse, i need this asap lol. looks so stunning!
    ps. love the dandaids lol


  • Lori

    Where can I get one of those PurseBlog credit cards? :-) And I LOVE the color of the bag. Great post!

    • Averil

      Those may be business cards?

      • Yep, they’re business cards but they look like credit cards! I WISH we had our own credit cards!!!

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    You could probably fit 3 iPad minis, all at once.

    • Jen

      Ipad mini only fits in the larger version although I would not advice putting one in the bag as it has no hardware on the strap, it should be kept pretty light to avoid the strap falling apart :/

    • Pam

      More like two. The middle pouch will not fit the mini. I tried on my Large Trio.

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        Thanks for checking!

    • A Bare Truth

      The outer pouches fit the iPad mini, not the middle one.

  • ElainePG

    I’ve always adored the Céline Trio, but I haven’t bought one because I couldn’t see how to cram a wallet into it without making it bulge. Now I see the trick: a slim credit card case, and a couple of folded bills (who uses cash these days anyway?) Thank you, Megs… I see a Trio in my future!

    • Yep a wallet def doesn’t work, but I only use 3 cards mostly, so I just add those to my card case and I’m good to go!

  • Sarah

    Such a great post idea Megs!!

  • DanaS

    Soooo cute. But when there are multiple compartments I have trouble remembering whats in each!

    • I try to make each compartment have a theme – front compartment is for my go-to items; phone, credit card, lip gloss. Center holds my keys and ‘health items’, back holds sunnies and food!

  • Michelle Lim

    Could you do a piece on how much the bigger size would fit? PLEASE?? I’ve been considering the Trio forever…

    • I don’t own the bigger size Trio – but if I can nab one or have someone I can borrow from to share, I will!

  • Yoshi1296

    I just used my trio today. I love it SO much!! I use an LV zippy coin purse since I’m one of the last few people in the world that uses only cash lol and I always put my wallet in the middle and no bulging problems for me. I actually kind of love the the bulging look of the Trio. It makes the bag look really cool and unique when slightly overstuffed.

    • Pam

      Yes, the bulging look is so unique actually. I have the Large Trio and I always put my long bottega veneta wallet in the middle pouch.

  • I love the Céline Trio SO much! I use mine almost every day and it fits soo much without looking too bulky! I own two Trio’s and the strap of my first Trio broke after just 4 months of use :( I noticed that the strap of my other trio is about to snap too. Megs, how is your trio holding up?

  • Jennifer

    Would you be able to post the actual dimensions on the bags, going forward?

  • That’s a lot of stuff! But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since my Proenza PS1 large wallet on chain fits quite a lot, too. Hmmmm. Maybe I should do the same sort of post on my blog for that.

    I’m guessing the sunglasses are flat? Because I’m really surprised that they haven’t caused any noticeable bulk at all.

    Clutches would be great to feature on here, too.

    • The sunnies are “normal” so it’s pretty surprising how easily they fit without bulging. I swear this bag is magical!

  • Chris

    This is a very good post idea, Megs !

    I do not want my bags to be too small (as I have 2 small kids) but I do not want to look like I am carrying half of my household with me, either.

    Btw the color of this Celine is just breathtaking. Very very nice.

  • AshleyG

    I’m excited to get a sorta kinda WIHB from you, Megs!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!! Soooo, when will you do a What fits…in your Birkin??? LOL

  • Danielle G

    Great post!

  • Grace

    love this post. it’s simple, direct and informative. hope to have more of these in the future.

    ps. can you do a couple of post re: Chanel flaps in different sizes. it’s always been hard to choose which flap bag to get or get first b/c of the different sizes. thanks.

  • Denise

    This is so funny. How do you remember what you put in which pocket?

  • Elisa

    It seems like it should hold more!

  • bbbb

    I am looking to buy a crossbody bag for my bday in April, I’m 5’9, 139 lbs, I wonder which looks better on me, small trio or large one? I love this bag so much!

    • I’m 5’11 and the regular size fits fine on me. I’d love a large size though to be honest!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Great time to think about getting a Celine Trio while Barney’s is having a Purple Card event. (Unless there is an exclusion).

    This is my go to travel bag since I fly with my little dog in the cabin and try to take carryon only. My dog becomes my “personal item” so I can’t carry a purse. It is handy to unsnap this bag so that two pouches fit inside the carryon and the third fits in the outside pocket.

  • E

    Can you please comment on how sturdy the strap of the bag? It looks very thin and I heard about incidents with the straps falling apart easily.

    • I’ve had no incidents with the strap on either of my Trios, but will keep this in mind and let you know if anything comes up!

      • Nicole

        I would also be interested in the wear and tear life of this bag. I received one for Christmas, and after two weekends of use, it’s looking a bit beat up…but ONLY on those two little leather pieces on the strap by the strap length adjuster (does that make sense?). And it’s only on the top of those little pieces, otherwise I would have thought it’s from rubbing against my wool coat. It was purchased at Nordstrom, but I’m wondering if this is normal? Should I take it to the Celine boutique or Nordstrom to discuss my options, or is it too late? I would so appreciate any advice or suggestions!

      • I’d go back to Nordstrom and talk to them about it. 2 weeks shouldn’t show much wear, I would def look into that. Let me know if you go and what they say!

  • Vivian

    I love this post!! thank you~

  • Leonor

    I can fit in mine the Céline zip wallet, iphone6, car and house keys and sunglasses. And still stay flat and perfect!

  • Fabfashion

    Thanks for sharing this, Megs! Have been considering this bag but wasn’t sure how much it can carry–now I know. Would love it if someone can share what fits into their larger Trio size. With 2 kiddies in tow, I need a hands free bag that can carry a bit extra while still being somewhat stylish. Wishful thinking?

  • Amanda

    Is this a style that is still available? I’ve taken a peek online, and can’t seem to find it on their website, though I know some brands will only have a handful of styles on the web vs. in store…

  • Julia

    what are the regular colours for the trio and which would you recommend?

  • PurseBlogger

    Would it be inappropriate for a fourteen year old girl to own a trio?

    • PurseBlogger

      I’m sorry, let me rephrase, any teen girl

      • Emma

        if you have the money, i don’t think so. it’s a very classic bag. if you have the means to buy it, being fourteen just means you can have it longer which means lower cost per wear over time. just be sure you’ll want to wear it for a long long time. can you imagine yourself still carrying it at 50?

  • If it wasn’t for the strap, I would probably invest in this bag. Considering how much I use the ones I have, the strap would probably end up snapping off.

  • Jacqueline Yee

    Would love to see you try to fit a wallet in it. I would not carry cash without it being in a wallet. So that is a bit deceiving.

  • psny15

    love your card case megs!

  • This is such an awesome idea for a series! Hmm I had no idea the Trio could be so versatile. I was pondering one, but it just looks so… plain, but now I’m like ooo so practical!

  • July

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  • Karina

    can i put my long boy chanel wallet into the bag?

  • Ophelia Tang

    Read this post so many times and still love it!