Simply put, I want this bag. Both Amanda and I have already told you about our mutual love for the Hermes Jypsiere. Upscale chic meets downtown cool in this messenger style bag. I’ve played with the Jypsiere in the Hermes store and must admit getting in and out of it is a little more work than I would typically like when it comes to my handbags. But the beauty of this bag outweighs the hassle of getting in and out.

This Wednesday I want the Hermes Crocodile Jypsiere. What bag do you want?

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  • Bir

    And Hermes is Hermes this bag is beyond beautiful the one messenger I would ever wear the craftsmanship is noticeable even from the picture and the shade of red that shows from the pores and lines all the way up to the scale is one of the reasons Hermes represents the ultimate and last great couturier of leather !

  • ingrid

    Ooooh Want It Wednesday! What I Want this Wednesday is a Celine Classic Box bag!

  • Sassyrants

    I want the Chloe Marcie bag!

  • Nasha Sofea

    Nice colour…Hermes my favourite bag…

  • stacy dean

    I want a LV Trevi gm in damier ebene

  • Monica

    Please, please, please buy this! Absolutely gorgeous.

  • annabelle

    what a gorgeous bag!
    i just love anything exotic leather hahaha
    and vibrant colors are a plus plus plus!

  • Bagolicious

    I’m not that into Hermes handbags, but if I were to select one, it would be the Jypsiere. It’s always been my favorite Hermes handbag. How much is that crocodile one? I would imagine at least $15,000, for a guess.

  • louch

    Have this bag in Clemence and it is just beautiful. Would love in in red croc…

  • Vitta

    Ultimate panache!

  • swati

    the plain leather version looks so so ordinary in comparison. The croc, the color – love, just love it

  • corine

    i wish LV Monogram Adele Leopard come to me pls.. :)

  • couturecoco

    I ADORE this bag! Still after Fendi’s peek a boo too.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    Simply divine!!!

  • ariluvya

    I own a Jypsiere in Fjord leather in Vert Veronese (an army green hue). I love the bag. The croc simply makes the bag a little dressier and quite unique. I love it. If I could afford the croc version, I’d get it in a heartbeat! Jypsiere is my favorite Hermes style!

  • Angela

    Of all the Hermes bags, the Jypsiere is my favorite! How I wish I could afford this one (sniff, sniff).

  • Mochababe73

    Not a fan of the skin. I don’t really like the bag either.
    I am still lusting after a classic Chanel flap bag in pink, a Marc Jacobs Stam, and an Hermes Birkin.

  • mermaid

    I’ll have the Valentino napa rose leather tote please..:D

  • edoardo

    It’s a crazy expensive bag and the design is too much classic. But I love it, the color and the leather are wonderful!!!

  • Musette

    I have been lusting for a rigid Bombay (can’t remember the particular leather for that one) in bougainvillea. Alas, that color is discontinued but there is a newer pink that is also gorgeous.

    Failing that, I would love that new cobalt Mulberry Bayswater.


  • 19yearslater

    I like this bag better than the Birkin or Kelly, but its still not for me. I’m lusting after Marc Jacobs.

  • Ping

    I love this bag. Bought this style when it came out. But the croc leather, ESP this red is to die for!

  • Sandra Rowley

    Can someone tell me why they covet Hermes products? I have held a Birkin….and it is lovely. Don’t get me wrong…I love fashion….and will only purchase luxury quality items. When you can purchase very beautiful things from Prada, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Gucci, Celine, Chloe, and Dior for half the money…why buy Hermes??

    • TxMhargis

      For the pure sake of saying, “I have a Hermes bag” – no other reason. Only the rich and famouse set the standard. I am not a fan of Hermes. I LOVE vintage Gucci – Why? because nobody else has it!! I have over 75 pieces in my collection valued at over $300,000.00 and When others ask me, “How do I get one?” I tell them I don’t know! LOL Like what you like and everthing else is irrelevent!

  • Fishfood

    Have a Jypsiere in this red, only in clemence, on it’s way to me now! Excited!!

  • khadija

    anyone have any idea how much is this ?
    i loved it !

  • Dyjann

    Yes, it looks nice…but I like a bag which does not only look good but it has to be practical as well…and this one is not one of it…but it still looks lovely though..

  • Chris

    I would love to own a Hermes Jypsiere, it is my absolute dream handbag. Not necessarily the crocodile leather version though, I’d rather have the one in plain leather. Dream….

  • TxMhargis

    Veddy Nice (in my best Borat accent)!!

  • Brookside Buzz

    I’m a Birkin and Kelly girl myself. I couldn’t figure out how to make the Jypsiere functional. It’s gorgeous though!

  • joeie

    this bag is to die for! ….i’m definitely buying it. ;-)

  • Cvetka Dragan

    I eould like to know this story how this “your” bag was made???