Versace Multi-Ring Hobo

Holy crackers, Versace has gone and made a bag that I like.

Quite honestly, I thought I was pretty safe from the charms of Versace’s accessories line. It has always seemed like either way too much or not nearly enough for me. On the one hand, a lot of it is blinged, studded, quilted, rouched, and covered with hardware and fringe to the extent that I’m not sure if it would actually function as a handbag. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve seen handbags of theirs so boring while still being so astronomically priced that they gave even me handbag ennui. The Versace Multi Ring Hobo (almost) gets it right, though. I don’t love the color, but it may come in others, and the leather looks like it would be obscenely soft and supple. The shape is nice and wearable, and I like the pleated effect of the construction. This bag’s tragic flaw, though, is the price – at over $3,000, I’m not sure that it’ll go to the top of many wishlists. Please, Donatella, rethink your accessories pricing – it might get you a much larger piece of the pie if you keep designing at least mildly attractive bags. Buy through Saks for $3145.

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  • Cindy

    I’ve got to agree with the tragic flaw, won’t be my 3 grand. Heck, we need to spend that on a quad with a blade so we won’t go through the same hell we have this winter with our duct taped snow blower. On the other hand, I LOVE the style of this bag, not nuts about the color, but the style rocks.

  • M_butterfly

    What a pretty bag. I love it. Even this color although may not be my favorite I could live with it. This is my favorite shape ever but the price well not really. I am not sure if some of these designers got the memo that the country is on a recesion though. Luxury items keep going up and up!!

  • Cherie L.

    Apparently the recession has knocked some sharp sensibility into the design team at Versace accessories. However, the pricing is a bit outlandish — they must have a strip of python or ostrich hidden somewhere.

  • hns4ever

    I actually really like this bag! For once, Versace made something I liked!

  • janis

    Love the bag…not so much the price.

  • Graciella

    It reminds me of Dior’s babe hobo…

  • aidan

    yeah it kina does remind me of the dior babe hobo.
    its a versace bag that i actually like! wow i never thought that
    i would see the day! but 3000 is a little overpriced for a VERSACE bag..
    i mean i have no problem paying that much for like YSL but not

  • shara

    Okay. All you of you are sooo delightfully interesting.
    So what’s wrong with the color? It’s like a hat. You have to have the confidence to wear a strong purse or a strong hat. Indeed, sorry about the economy peeps, but you got to push on… this a strong country. If you have money buy the purse… if you don’t…. start saving baby!

  • Rosemary

    Cute bag but this has been done before a hundred times. Designer bags are getting less original. They have been knocked off, and re created again as designer originals several times around.

  • evergreen

    Baby aidan, YSL is not better Versace!Maybe 50 years ago but no today! The fashion is changed

  • Tawnee

    Very nice shape i must say but for $3000 that’s a no no. I rather spend that much on a Mahina or a Chanel or something. Plus, I have to agree that this style had been seen numerous times in the past.

  • black bacarra

    Perfect in every way but the price! Waayyy over my budget.

  • aidan

    we have different opinions then..
    and balenciaga and givenchy beats both of them!
    hehe.. sry im not a versace fan…

  • ayom

    So, someone got me this bag as a gift and i was curious as to the price so i began searching for it…imagine my surprise $3000…boy i wish he had given me the cash instead.