Sweet heavens, I don’t know what has come over me… I actually love this bag! I am not usually one for an over the top frilly bag. I know a lot of you would disagree with me, but hey, that’s just the way I am. However, today, if I didn’t have some sort of self restraint I actually might go out and buy this bag. As of late, Valentino has been adorning many of its bag with rose-like features. While some of these bags are a little over the top for me, I am rather happy with this one.

Valentino Rosier Tote

The Valentino Rosier Tote is a lovely way to express your feminine side. Earlier this year, we covered the Valentino Floral Applique Satchel which reminds me quite a bit of this bag, except for the color. This particular tote is adorned with gorgeous silk taffeta roses. The patent leather trim is actually a perfect contrast against the silk roses. While we are in the midst of the Summer months, I can see this bag getting plenty of use. Whether you carry it to a park, to dinner, even to a BBQ, this bag would be a perfect accent to any outfit. Plus, since the color scheme is on the darker side, you can actually try and pull this look off during the Fall and perhaps even the Winter! Buy through Saks for $1950.

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  • renee

    This may have been beautiful on a little evening bag, but all over a TOTE? Ridiculous! The only place I could see this is in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Parade.

  • Loquita

    I think that my corneas are bleeding from looking at this bag. I agree that it’s practical in the sense that it’s roomy and would work year round but other than that this piece is simply hideous. Period.

  • Mandy

    It’s too much for me on a large tote, but I can see why others would like it. It’s different for sure.

  • mga1373

    I like this tote a lot and I absolutely love the whole floral applique concept. I’m not sure why this style of bags do not get the love they deserve. Over the top? Flashy? Unpractical?… I’d say gorgeous, well-executed statement piece.
    A handbag should be a statement, a chic statement; a declaration of personality and glamour; something that takes your outfit to a new level of sophistication, otherwise is just a plain regular bag.
    I wouldn’t call this tote hideous or ridiculous at all. Maybe it’s not everybody’s favourite, but sure is a handbag worth the $2,000 they want for it, for all the glamour it would inject to anybody’s look.

    Besides, everything is wearable, knowing how-to is all that is needed. ;)

  • mj

    I am not a “flower” person but these totes catch my eye in every color!

  • Jane H.

    Very Morticia Addams… I actually like it!


    I’m wouldnt usually love a bag like this, but for some reason im attracted to somethign to do with it. Nice bag. I twould look nice as a smaller clutch aswell.

  • tadpolenyc

    i appreciate the intricate detail, but not a fan of the color. looks like mold is growing on the bag. :/

  • Pamela M

    Wow, I’m so shocked that you don’t just like it, you LOVE it! When you first look at it, it looks like textured velvet, and I think that was the gag factor with me. And I agree with everyone else regarding size of the design. Maybe if this was offered on a clutch, it would be considerable, but dark roses on a tote? It looks like something my great grandmother would have been buried with. (There’s your Morticia Adams reference.)

  • Cathy

    I bought this bag in the black/brown/amber mix. Absolutely beautiful bag BUT the roses started fraying off before I even used it. I called Valentino and they told me just to “cut if off”. It also falls/flops when you put it down (no structure) so it looks like a big mess of silk. I found that I felt I had to be too careful with it since anything wet, even odors can get into the fabric. I found myself leaving it in the car and/or putting it in it’s own chair and the restaurant. Too high maintenance for me.

    Again, beautiful bag!! Not practical – I returned mine.

  • Latoretta

    I own this bag & have carried it as my sole bag throughout the Holiday season!! I’m stopped by purse afficionados everywhere! It’s fantastic, feminine, a true work of art & I hope it lasts me seasons!! The rosettes do start to fray, but I just trim them if they dangle. I Want to put it away for a while, but I can’t make myself do it. I fear I will wear it out before it’s time.