Every now and then, Megs and I will both get totally obsessed with the same designer or piece at the same time, but without really telling the other about it. At some point, we then realize that we’ve both been spontaneously lusting after the same stuff, and we spend several minutes gushing about how much we want something, quickly followed by much whining about how much it costs for us to make those dreams a reality.

The other day, that happened with the Valentino Rockstud Collection. And not even one bag in particular…the entire thing. Shoes, bags, whatever. Valentino came into the studs trend at the tail end, and since then, the brand has made the look into its own signature mix of edgy and ladylike. I didn’t love these bags at first, but given enough time, they’ve grown on me in a huge way. My personal pick is the tote at top, which rings in at $2595 via Net-a-Porter, but we’ve got a whole selection for you to drool over after the jump.

Valentino Rockstud VaVaVoom Shoulder Bag, $1845 via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Rockstud Studded Mini Leather Shoulder Bag, $1795 via Net-a-Porter

Valentino Rockstud All-Over Stud Tote, $2895 via Net-a-Porter

Valentino Rockstud Top Flap Bag, $1795 via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Rockstud Net Hobo, $3345 via Neiman Marcus

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  • Ooh, those ARE some studly bags. (wakka wakka!) You might espy some equally studly bags featured in the editorials on http://www.whatthehaute.com, but that’s another story…

  • A Reader

    One of each, please. Thank you.

  • CASSIA Creative

    Watching the video of its making gives me a new appreciation to its craftsmanship but the final look is just not impressive at all.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    These bags suit old ladies who are trying to be hip.  Definitely too ladylike to be rockstar for my taste. 

    • Renee

      Yeah, I kind of agree.  But I’m biased because I’ve never been able to get into the studs thing.  I think I’d like them all better without the studs.  

  • Sandra Rowley

    I really like the cross body bag.  I live in Salt Lake City, previously no Valentino to be found.  Recently a new Nordstrom opened with Valentino everything!  I was not happy with the bags when I actually held them in my hand.  Something about them….overpriced in comparison with other designer offerings….  

  • Babs

    As usual, they took a good thing too far.  

  • Abbi

    Omg amanda i was wondering if you guys would do a post about these bags last night (how spooky!). I fell in love with the rockstud at neiman marcus! (included the link in case anyone wanted to see what i was talking about…) I love the fact its quite minimal but not boring and i love the long handles and the shoulder strap looks amazing! im just sad that NM selling point is that a lot of celebrities are wearing it…

    having said all this i can see why not everyone might love this bag but its actually a nice refreshing change from all the stupid roses and bows on his bags….first time im craving valentino hence the long post :P


  • Sue2m

    Hey, us “old ladies” need a little fun also, you know.  We aren’t dead yet!!!

  • I LOVE these bags. LOVE LOVE LOVE! How can anyone not love them?! The all-over stud tote is just… dazzling!