Valentino Relies on Rockstud Spikes for Its Pre-Fall 2018 Bags

You'll also find some new logo bags in the brand's just-debuted lookbook

When Valentino debuted the Rockstud Spikes bags several seasons ago, I wasn’t so sure they were going to work. I also doubted the original Rockstuds when they debuted in 2011, which is maybe the wrongest I’ve been about anything. Three seasons on, I’ve come around to the Rockstud Spikes in a big way, and it seems as though so have a lot of shoppers—I rarely found any of the line’s many bags discounted during fall sales, and looking forward to Pre-Fall 2018, Valentino has included many new versions of those designs in its lookbook.

The bags included in Valentino’s lookbook images tend toward the embellished and special, as is often the case with press materials meant to highlight seasonal offerings. In addition to the Rockstud Spikes bags, which now include several varieties of hard-shell evening bag along with the existing soft shoulder bags, the line also includes some logo offerings featuring a new monogram for the brand, VLTN, in big, bold letters.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]


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