Rochas Giallo Tote Bag, $1065. Rochas Borsa R18 Sporco Bag, $1695. Both via Saks.

Despite the fact that I have chosen maximalism as my overarching aesthetic theme, I have a healthy respect for those who do minimal and do it well. During the days of Olivier Theyskens, Rochas was never accused of embracing minimalism, but now that the brand’s creative vision has changed hands, the brand’s most widely available foray into handbags yet has lines so straight that my back aches just looking at them. Would you carry something like the Rochas Giallo Tote Bag (left) or the Rochas Borsa R18 Sporco Bag, or do you want your bags to be a little bit more detailed?

Personally, I’d be all over the bright yellow tote. Minimal designs work so well in bright colors because they let the color shine as the principle detail, instead of having neon yellow compete with pockets, zippers, ruching and hardware for the spotlight. The reverse works, as well: Neons and brights bring out the clean, restrained lines that are so important in a minimal aesthetic.

The white bag, on the other hand, I could do without. Although white is one of the most important colors in minimalism, the combination of white with the traditional shape and the subtly scolloped edge of the top flap create a look that’s a little bit too ladylike for my personal style. I do, however, adore the contrasting snake-print top handle. So what do you say, ladies? Would you be first in line to carry either of these bags? Buy through Saks for $1065 and $1695, respectively.

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  • ScyldScefing

    In one word; yes.

  • rose60610

    Yes, I wear these. While the white one is “ladylike” it isn’t overly “prissy-butt ladylike”. Therefore, almost anything with bows make me cringe (sorrry Valentino). The simple elegance of the yellow one makes it tactful vs. in-your-face loud.

  • AstaK.

    Yellow tote is pretty for casual intentions, like going to market buy some fruits. Ewww. hehheh… Its lovely.
    But I dont think the white bag is minimalistic at all, overall form and that snake-handle are very beautiful, but that small tassel and that trim at middle isnt working for my eye.
    Id pay 500 € for each, at the top,

    Minimalism is so wonderful movement, I am from Finland and that is very common taste here. From everything, minimalism stands best in time, dont you think?

    These are a good start for Rochas making fine classic designs.

  • Mode Uncover

    I like the yellow one :)

  • KellyX

    Given the prices, are they worth it? Hmmm..

    • Jackie Ellis

      I agree… I say the same thing about Hermes bags! Given you can spend $10+ for one and they look very basic… I give them all a big ‘Hmm’ based on price!

  • JenG

    I like them both and if that is what minimalistic is in a handbag. I will take it all the time.

  • 19yearslater

    Too minimal for my taste.

  • Sandra Rowley

    These are pretty boring….the yellow one maybe. I would shy away from white even if the bag was beautiful…white is just to hard to take care of.

  • Blair

    Hmm…for that price, I’ll pass. Has to have a little more oomph for me in order to shell out that amount of cash, lol.

  • Jackie Ellis

    I’m all for a plainer bag. However, the price definitely doesn’t reflect that! This is the issue I have with Hermes … please, it’s ridiculous to expect to pay those prices for something so basic. I really can’t comprehend how they have the gall to charge so much! I know it’s all about the ‘name’ .. but I just cannot justify it!

  • Musette

    I love the white one – but wouldn’t pay more than half that price for it.

  • Angela

    These look beautiful.
    I haven’t seen a Rochas bag for real – so am not very familiar with the quality of the leather they use. That would be my concern when I buy bags of such style. The leather should be really good.

  • Jaded

    I like the shape/design of the white one. If it was a different color, it might be on the list. Camel. Yellow. Navy?

  • QQ

    love the yellow. although i would scratch or scuff the minute i put my hands on it! that shiny leather never stays nice long for me…

  • Cathy Fitz

    I’d consider the yellow color, but I don’t do totes. The handbag looks interesting, but I don’t do white.