I know that many of our readers are categorically opposed to fur, but the material is so trendy for fall that we wouldn’t be doing our jobs correctly if we ignored it. Most stores only have early pre-orders available for their cold-weather collections, and already fur bags from major designers are starting to show up here and there.

Of the options I’ve seen so far, the Tod’s D-Styling Bauletto Medio Bag is easily my favorite. Instead of taking on the bushy, overly plush look that befalls so many fur designs, the laser-cut fox has a finish that’s both luxurious and visually interesting. This bag is one of very few that I’ve seen where the use of the fur actually adds something to the bag’s aesthetic.

Depending on your feelings on fur, this bag is either a smart take on a big trend or an overpriced, dubiously ethical fluff ball. Principally, however, my job is to decide whether I think it’s a nice looking bag, and I think that it is. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be just as nice looking in faux fur, though. Buy through Saks for $1995.

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  • annabelle

    i LOVE fur (not fake, but real), but not on a bag. that doesn’t mean this bag is not attractive, it is! but just not for me! oh and i was wondering does anyone else have a problem browsing to sister sites? the add on top is blocking the menu tabs… :(


    • annabelle

      oh and i’m using firefox…i dont think it matters since i’ve used it all the time to get into this website.

      • NB

        I’m having the same problem too……I also use firefox and have never had this problem.

      • It’s a problem with the specific banner ad that’s currently running, Vlad is aware and is working on it. It’s not your browser!

  • Lisa


  • Jess

    I can’t say I really like the fur trend but I don’t have a problem with it as many people do. What difference does it make to the animal if the leather or fur is used?

    • Some people have moral or ethical issues with the way that animals used for fur are killed (they differ from the ways that meat animals are killed) and the fact that the entire animal isn’t used, just the fur and the rest is discarded. I don’t wear fur but I think it’s everyone’s own business what they decide to do. I can understand why people like fur.

      • Jess

        Thanks for your reply, I had no idea there were different killing methods. How do the methods differ for an animal killed for it’s leather to an animal killed for it’s fur?

      • Kellyx

        Hey Jess, for what I know, the biggest fur import comes from China, and the chines skin animals ALIVE.. The worst thing is. Most of the time the animals aren’t even dead
        after the skinning. And the workers don’t even bother to kill them immediately to free them fromthat unimaginable pain..they simply throw the bloodied bodies one side n let them die from the pain slowly….

  • Rashida

    I’m on the fence about it, i like fur, no so opposed to it, just don’t want it on my bag.

  • Kellyx

    Fur is meant to keep human warm..a bag does not need to be kept warm!!! It’s bad enough that animals have to die a painful death to create fur for human’s unnecessary needs..seriously!! Real fur on a bag jus does not make sense!!

  • emily

    I think it’s very stupid use fur, should be banned.
    There are many ways to keep our bodys warm… and is not killing defenseless animals
    I love fashion, but this not make sense and never will. …

  • dierregi

    Just because the fashion world does not know anymore what to invent to keep on selling more stuff, it does not me we have to “embrace” every trend – inclusive of the stupidest. I am very disappointed with Tod’s and I think this bag is ugly and ridiculous.

  • bowers

    Bag fugly. Waste of foxes’ lives.

    • Kate W.

      I understand if people in Alaska need to wear fur to keep warm, (or heck, even in New York given how tough our last winter was!)..but I don’t think that animals should have to die solely for aesthetic reasons. Luckily bags never need to stay warm so we don’t need to use fur on them. End of story.

  • Sakyie

    I don’t wear fur for many reasons. I do feel as though people are entitled to do what they want. The bag is indeed beautiful, but I’d never buy it.

  • Lori

    I think wearing fur is barbaric. It’s just not necessary and to be honest, I think it’s gross. It seems dirty to me. I will stick with leather and that is as far into the animal world I am willing to go.

    The shape of the bag is fine…in leather.

    • merve

      Have to agree with you. I eat meat and wear leather but i stop at fur. I just don’t think its right. Plus i think it looks far more glorious on the animal. Fur for a bag? There has to be a line.

  • reneeo

    Yes, the banner ad is a problem.

  • 19yearslater

    I can’t get on board with fur bags. I just really don’t like the look.

  • Cowit Furs

    Definitely a classy looking bag. Presumably, one would reserve this bag for special occasions, rather than the typical “catch all” purse. We shudder at the thought of this landing under a restaurant table, or worse yet, on the floor of a bathroom stall!

    Aside from the look of the fur, we really love the size of the bag too. Great-looking mid-size bags are hard to come by!

  • jc_girl

    This bag will surely fit fall. The fur factor is truly elegant. I love the style, color, material and everything. =)

  • B

    “I know that many of our readers are categorically opposed to fur, but the material is so trendy for fall that we wouldn’t be doing our jobs correctly if we ignored it.”

    …oh, so that makes it ok does it – absolutely pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!