More and more, we’ve been seeing celebrities and street style stars out and about sans a bag. Handbags will never become completely obsolete, but the needs of today’s handbag carriers have changed drastically over the last 10 years. The micro and mini-bag trend has forced users to streamline what it is that they carry, and many handbag lovers have begun to carry less and less. While everyday handbag lovers don’t have the luxury of an assistant to carry their things or a car with a driver to leave their stuff in when moving from place to place, still, many of us leave the house for errands with only our phones thanks to mobile pay options.

Designers have started to capitalize on the growing popularity of going bag-less, creating cute phone bags that aren’t only a style-statment, but they are just as functional. These made-for-tech accessorys allow your smartest accessory to remain by your side without sacrificing style. From Gucci, Fendi and Saint Laurent to Kara and BOYY, there are a slew of options availble this fall, and the phone bag is proving to be one of the hottest accessories of 2021. We checked out some of the most fashion-foward shopping websites to bring you the very best. Are you into the idea of a phone bag or is the made-for-phone bag a hard pass?

Boyy Wallet Phone Bag Fendi Baguette Phone Bag KARA Chain iPhone Bag Gucci Horsebit Phone Bag Fendi Phone Bag Valentino Rockstud Phone Bag Saint Laurent Shearling Phone Bag Balenciaga Phone Bag
Balenciaga Embo Phone Bag
via Luisaviaroma
Miu Miu
Miu Miu Quilted Phone Bag
Givenchy Phone Bag
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