We all know that drawstring bucket bags are a huge trend for spring and summer, so we thought we would examine the bag that created the genre: the Louis Vuitton Noe Bag. More specifically, let’s talk about the style and function of the Louis Vuitton Epi Petite Noe.

As with many other iconic bags, the Noe was created with a specific purpose in mind: carrying a bottle of champagne. The design debuted in 1932, and it eventually expanded beyond its original purpose to become the popular shoulder bag that we know today. Drawstring bags had their first burst of mainstream popularity in the 80s, and just like everything else from that decade, they’ve become popular once again.

For the record, I would count myself as moderately pro-drawstring. It’s not my favorite shape, but when done correctly (and this utterly elegant Epi leather version can definitely be described as “done correctly”), the bags are a timeless option for those that like a roomy shoulder bag. Not only is the story behind the design great, but the bag is functional and stylish. How do you guys feel about drawstring bags? Buy through Vuitton.com for $1160.

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  • BLynnT

    I don’t like drawstring bags so I’m not loving this one either, but I dislike this one less than others because it’s a bit more structured (and the Epi leather is lovely as usual). (fb)

  • Anna

    I wonder if you can personalize this one! (fb)

  • Amy

    That’s so funny – I didn’t know the original purpose was to hold a bottle of champagne!!

    In my life, there’s no room for a drawstring bag because when I take the subway, I would always worry that someone will reach into my bag while I’m standing holding the pole on a crowded train car. For that reason, I stay away from bags that are only a drawstring, magnetic or snap closure on top – it must have a zipper or a flap so it’s a little safer. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I would hate to lose my favorite wallet (or the stuff inside it)! (fb)

  • karin

    love this bag- i have one in the monogram and its one of my favorite bags; i didnt think i would even like it that much when i ordered it and it actually sat in my closet for a few months before i used it, once i took it out, i fell in love!! the petite is very roomy, you can pretty much throw anything in there, but still find it easily. it sits on the shoulder beautifully and sooo comfy to wear, i cant say enough about this style..the only draw back is there are no pockets except i believe on the multi color…i like this style so much that i am currently bidding on a gucci style similiar but it actually has pockets…i dont think i was ever really drawn to this particular style, drawstring, but unless you have actually owned one, i think you would be surprised at what a great little bag this is!!

  • ad

    I would totally love it if the drawstring will be replace by some tasteful scarfs. won’t that be a lovely sight? (fb)

    • Tamee

      What a great idea! Would add some color and totally personalize it! (fb)

  • Heather

    Love this bag! It is classic and beautiful. We’ve sold this one before and get new Louis’ all the time.



    i love lv but this one mmm just not for me

  • Lenka

    I love this one. I love all bags LV (fb)

  • Linda

    I wish the draw string didn’t require tying a bow and instead had a slide on it like a lot of other draw string bags. I had a large Noe and gave it way primarily for that reason. I didn’t like how the bag looked open and tying a bow all the time annoyed me.

  • justa9url

    I never did like the Petite Noe because it has an awkward shape to it but now that I know its history, it appeals to me more, but not enough to consider buying it. (fb)

  • Mary

    I do actually love a drawstring bag in certain situations-never knew about the champagne thing, how cute!

  • Rosanna

    I’ve actually been wanting a petite noe for awhile now, only in the monogram. Such a cute and casual bag! (fb)

  • stephanie

    Not a huge fan of the drawstring. I hate having to rummage! (fb)

  • Shannon

    I have liked this style for awhile, ever since I saw a girl carrying it on campus and saw that it was bigger than I thought. My ideal grad gift is an LV, maybe this one will be it! (fb)

  • Swags

    Love this little bag. I didn’t know about the champagne but I think the bags original purpose is pretty cool.

    This may not take you from day to night if you need to carry a lot of things during the day, but it is defintely a great bag for play.

    I would consider this bag the equivalent of the little black dress. Can’t go wrong with it. (fb)

  • hoofbeats95

    It’s cute, but I have a hard time getting into a drawstring bag. Maybe just for a special occassion though. (fb)

  • Tamee

    I’m actually liking this bag b/c it does NOT have the monogram all over it. (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    le petite, awww, so cute. of course. it`s a LV

  • Debbie

    Not liking it. The handle looks really weird to me and out of proportion. Honestly, I’m not a fan of drawstring bags in general. They just look hard to get in and out of.

    • Debbie

      forgot the (fb)

  • Lynn

    Love it! And I’m not even a draw string girl! (fb)

  • christine

    it’s not groundbreaking and something about the handle isn’t making me swoon. I have to admit I do like the occasional drawstring bag but I only own one so I guess that explains my picky-ness. A well-designed one is hard to find for me, but when it’s done right, it works anytime (fb)

  • reneeo

    I really like the drawstring bag and am happy that they are in style now and they will be easy to find. The old LV Noe was too large for me, but this one looks great. Although someone mentioned having to tie the bow–I wouldn’t like that either.

  • Ronky

    Not feeling this (fb)

  • Kelly

    I prefer the regular Noe size, petite is a bit too small for me, but do love the bag! Simple and timeless! (fb)

  • ceejay

    I like it, but I wonder what it would look like on a person. (fb)

  • Lydia

    Drawsting bags are not my favourite model, simply because I had the hassle of tightening and loosening the string. I prefer a clasp, zipper, or magnetic closure. That being said, I find this particular bag quite charming and very wearable. (fb)

  • Pamela

    Honestly, I’m not that into this bag AT all….In fact, Louis Vuitton has been disapointing me a little this year. There isn’t anything that I want to buy from them for right now. Now the Balenciaga Pom is definitely something that I want to get, especially Miley Cyrus’s Pom bag! (fb)

  • Gelynn

    I’m so in love with this bag. I want the RED one!!! (fb)

  • Natalie

    I’m not the biggest fan of the black one…but red? mmmm delicious! (fb)

  • Sunshine

    Definitely a must add to anyones purse collection. It’s beautiful cause of its functionality combined with the craftsmanship and classic drawstring style. (fb)

  • Michele Suleiman

    I am not a fan of this shape, not because of the drawstring but because it looks like a backpack. And tiny purse-like backpacks instead of a proper purse on a grown lady is really a shame. (fb)

  • Jill

    this is a love hate relationship… i love it because it is so comfortable… hate it because it does not have any pockets! i used it as a diaper bag 7 years ago and was frustrated when i can’t find anything because it gets lost inside… but still my go to bag up to this day!

  • susan

    I love this style. I owned it in the LV and a Dooney back in the 80’s. I have the new Coach and if left open and not drawn is a great bag. It has really soft leather and big silver rings. I love it. (FB)

  • Sammi

    I have a drawstring bag and while they look great, they are very inconvient when you are in a hurry trying to grab things out of it. You have to keep tying it up for it to look good and doing that while you’re walking around the city is kinda hard. (fb)

  • Donna C.

    I don’t like drawstring bags. I don’t think they have the elegance that you would expect in a designer bag. (fb)

  • Marsha

    I love most of Louis Vuitton handbags………. and have two myself… but this handbag is nice, but i dont care to much for the drawstring handbags……… so this one is not for me……………

  • Jen

    I have this bag in the old yellow epi, and I love it to death! The drawstring doesn’t bother me, and the shape isn’t as bulky as I worried it would be after I bought it without trying it on… I now want one in mono, in the large size for uni :)

  • mary s

    i prefer my drawstring bags in the japanese style that are wore with yukata and summer kimono. they are clutches than a full bag, but when done right this so amazingly elegant and versitile. as large bags i find them “blah” even the epi noe… its just a style i first saw as a clutch and i think works best as a clutch (fb)

  • atrophia

    It depends on how it’s done, but I do like this one.

  • Jane

    I have never been a huge fan of this shape. I realize its been a huge trend for this spring I have only seen two that I like one is from Marc by Marc Jacobs and another is a Rebecca Minkoff. (fb)

  • Jose

    Great bag. (fb)

  • Beth S.

    The LV Epi Noe is such a gorgeous bag. I had one for a short while in a bright Hermes-y orange. It was so pretty and very functional. But, I’m short and “fluffy,” and it just made me look even wider and fatter. It was the only purse I’ve ever felt that way about so, sadly, I sold it.

  • Posh



  • Eric

    Its not my personal syle, i am not who will invest because its a trend, but i believe that it will work for other people- ‘(fb)’

  • diana

    this seems a little impractical and not particularly beautiful. lv isn’t normally my thing, though. (fb)

  • Deb

    a classic LV! and in a classic colour :) (fb)

  • farija

    didnt like the bag………….not exciting …………..(fb)

  • mabag

    I like it, very beautiful.

  • nurman

    Not very pleasing

  • sally

    Love the noe shape, the drawstring style is fine but I’m not very keen on the idea to untie/tie the string every time we need to open/close the bag… I need more practical bag. (fb)

  • Fiona-Brazil

    I love the style.Still own a big Noe , special order, in nomade leather.It doesn´t old very well though, instead of the “patina of time, it looks a little dirty….

  • gjaneco

    I don’t like the shape, I feel it’s too bulky and does nothing for the figure.

  • Tanyus

    some drawstring bags are nice, but I just don’t like this one. The shape just don’t appeal to me (fb)

  • Hellena

    I have connected this shape with older women carrying it-
    I would see myself carry it after 50s (fb)

  • LRi

    Lovely bag.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    Love all the bags! We call them pocketbooks in the hills of TN.I follow on twitter as carolynishis and i am a big big fan on facebook as Carolyn Barnett.Thanks for the chance.

  • Tonda

    Not a drawstring fan, ordinarily, but I admit I’m gonna look at the trend shopping this week and maybe give it a whirl! (FB)

  • Jane

    this would definitely be cute for summer. I didn’t use to like this style but i have grown to love it. Just a question, how is the epi for maintaince?

    -Jane Kwong (fb)

  • Jane

    what color options does LV have for this season (for this style)??

    – (fb)

  • covertanjou

    I don’t like drawstring bags. It is always so difficult to find things in. (fb)

  • sarahthetran

    Drawstring is back?! Thanks for the update! honestly–i agree w/ my friend above me — drawstring bags are hard to work w/ on my part. the pulling, the opening up, the repulling to seal. i dunno — i find zip or button to be so much simpler. especially when youre trying to do something in a hurry — like make a purchase before your mind could rethink it :)

  • Kimberly

    Drawstring bags are okay, but I think this one is a tad boring. Nothing very interesting about it at all. (fb)

  • Yoonmee

    I’m on the fence when it comes to drawstring bags. I’ve felt several and many are hard to get into due to the drawstring, but when they’re easy to get into they can be nice bags.

  • Tanya

    It is a classic bag I love it! (fb)

  • Nirali

    Being coordination challenged, I usually have issues with drawstrings despite the aesthetic quality…and in this case if they look this nice, i would buy it for sure!


  • Silvana

    LV always stays classic as Chanel, Ive loved the last collections and those tribal heels are to die for! (fb)

  • Audrey H.

    I think drawstring bags can be cute or as the above is very attractive, but I find the drawstring function a bit of drag. I don’t like how most of them don’t close neatly & completely (or securely) and they can look clumky. (fb)

  • wayne
  • Jasmine

    drawstring bags are cute but maybe not in a serious colour like solid black.. its a classic look though =) (FB)

  • Gorgeous

    not my cup of tea (fb)

  • ShoeQueen1961

    $1160?! Sorry… Definitely not for this…

  • Alia

    it maybe a classic but i dont like it at all! nothing special about it and i hate that shape. (fb)

  • islandliving

    I would agree with Audrey that drawstring bags can be cute and/or attractive, but the price tag of the Louis Vuitton Epi Petite Noe makes purchasing one unrealistic for most people. For a selection of equally attractive and more moderatley priced handbags (drawstrings and other styles) as well as other women’s accessories I would suggest taking a look at http://www.spartina449.com

  • Deborah


  • Joyce

    i got a drawstring LV too.. but mine is brown with LV designs on there…reli classic. i’m not so sure about this all black bag tho =/ (fb)

  • Maria

    I have a mono petit noe’ and it’s wonderful, so versatile! I carried it today! (fb)

  • Arlen

    I love love love this bag! So functional yet very stylish and chic. Very practical for a mom like me who needs roomy and spacious bag without compromising style. Classic! (fb)

  • Janet

    LV? Nice and plain, nothing too fancy except the name. (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    It’s not really my style (fb)

  • ginny

    as much as it seems like it’s not in style, this is such a classic piece!
    i remember my mum having one when i was younger. i think at one point it was used as a temporary diaper bag for my younger brother.
    it might be nothing special, but it’s practical and simple

  • Joy

    expected a bit more from lv..
    kinda dissapointed.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Overpriced for a plain bucket bag. I do like the history behind the design though! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not for me – don’t like drawstrings unless built better (fb)

  • mickey

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  • Hilda

    Design is not new anymore.it has a bulky and boring design(fb)

  • Jennifer

    Gotta love the drawstring. This is a classic bag and is soo roomy for the petite now. (fb)

  • Chris

    Love, love, love it – A classic is a classic is a classic. It never goes out of style. I would hope that the noe never changes. Part of the appeal of LV is a storied history. If you want trendy, go to the Coach story (I remember when Coach made the seats for Lexus, look at where they are now). If you want classic elegance, stick with a bag with a history older than most of people carrying it. (fb)

  • hect

    its back wow i have 2 a monogram that i think has not seen the light since 1999 and a 1991 epi in blue i cant belive they are back ill try and wear them i think ill feel so retro

  • petitenoe

    this was my first bag LV bag! the petite noe in black epi. the smell of it takes me back to the day my friend at LV recommended it. i have two petite noes the other one is black multicoloure .
    if i ever did get another one, id stick with epi leather or any other leathers if it was ever made. compared to the whole line of epi, noe seems to be the only one that can get really soft as it ages. when ever i use mine, im always scrunching it to make the leather softer and older looking.

  • booboolulu

    i hope to get a epi noe in ivoire but there’s only epi petit noe in ivoire at the moment. :(

  • Stacy

    Thank you for your article. This definitely helped me decide to buy this one! (ipad)

  • dyad

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  • Graham

    I love this bag, have it in Pepper. I use a purse shaper with it so everything stays organized. It’s slightly small for my 6′ build but I rock it!

  • CP

    does anyone know if LV changed their location of the date code and also the “Louis Vuitton made in Paris” stamp on the top of the handle between 1992 and 1994?