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  • melissa

    350 for a wicker basket? lorddddddd

  • purses88

    This literally is the French girl whimsically shopping look that has been brought to us by none other than the mother of the Birkin, Jane Birkin (pre-birkin era, obvi).

  • purses88

    This is literally is the French girl whimisically shopping look brought to us by none other than French model Jane Birkin, mother of the Birkin (straw bags were pre-birkin era, obvi).

    • Millerette5

      LOVE love love

    • girlscoutnocookie

      Yes the straw basket was indeed the original Birkin bag.

  • laura

    I love them all. I love straw bags and I would buy every single one of these.

  • Smithy

    Off topic — anyone know on the boards where you can ask for help to identify a bag?

  • Stephanie Durham

    This is one of my favorite trends and always has been. I wish they held up better or maybe that I had taken better care of the ones I’ve had before. These are all beautiful. The Chanel is “omg tdf” haha.

    • JHH

      Though I would not characterize that Chanel bag as straw basket.

  • tess

    Straw dries out breaks etc etc. Love it but don’t pay more than $50 please!!

  • Doodles78

    So twee

  • Sparkletastic

    Nope. Too many great straw bags for a teeny bag. Plus, you won’t be able to give these away in 3 years.

  • Passerine

    No thanks. If I want a straw bag, I’ll head down to the Fair Trade store. Little Doe’s is the most outrageous of this bunch — it looks absolutely no different from the baskets for sale at our local charity shop — and those cost about $2.

  • Sparky

    Great post! Most of these are very nice and a refreshing change from leather – especially for the summer. I ADORE that Chanel but can’t afford to spend that much on something so seasonal. I own many Eric Javits bags and they are FANTASTIC. Very good value and durable. I get a lot of compliment on them.

    However – $350 for that ridiculous basket in #9. Please, its just stupid. Wouldn’t give $5 for it.

    • Passerine

      Exactly! I don’t think Little Doe even tried to make a real bag — they just scooped up a bunch of cheap baskets, plopped an equally cheap lid on them and then hiked up the price by 349%

  • JHH

    The LV bag is lovely woven leather. I went to the LV site to see it in more detail and “elaborate” is spelled incorrectly. It cracks me up to see poor spelling in the description of a $4,800 bag.

    By the way is something wrong with the site today? I keep looking for the weekly sales but that post is not there as usual.

  • W S M

    There’s quite a difference between raffia and rattan though. The latter will last longer and they make actual furniture from it (think cane chairs at a French café). I adore Mark Cross bags and this rattan take on the trend for spring/summer is just perfect. That Chanel flap is not straw at all, but the crochet is clever. I want to like the woven LV Capucines but the colour combination just isn’t right for me.

    I love Little Doe’s basket. Reminds me of Jane Birkin’s straw bags before her hubby ran over one with his car. A happenstance flight with the head of Hermes later and the Birkin bag was born.

  • Ashley

    Just like the bucket bag trend this straw bag fad/trend isn’t for me…. to the left to the left! ;) hehe

  • Jerri R

    Exactly how does one keep the Chanel crochet bag clean, or does she use it a couple times, and when it starts to look grimy, simply toss it in the pile of give-aways to ‘the help’?

  • As a person who lives in the tropics, where straw/raffia/rattan is common, I shudder at these prices. That Balenciaga one is cute, though.