Christian Dior Spring 2007 handbags

John Galliano toned it down in Paris with the Christian Dior Spring 2007 Collection. While his line was nothing flashy, the simplicity and clean lines worked for me. Sometimes it is nice to look at something that is not too noisy or busy. The Dior Handbags were “gimmick-free chain-handled handbags” that sported the same shape but different materials and colors. Overall, this line makes my life a bit easier and makes it look easy to be fashionable. {via Style}

While the hair styles fit the feel of the collection, I must say that I would not smile if I was wearing this sort of boyish up-do either.

Christian Dior Spring 2007 faces

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  • babyt

    dat girl look like a monster

  • Milly Anderson

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR HAIR?! IT IS UGLY! I would never have my hair look like that. It looks like something a female basketball coach would wear! EWW!

  • kashiea

    ahahaha wow crazee how the fashion
    industry ‘progresses’ :razz: :arrow: :lol:

  • Bianka

    Are U sierious that hair do is hidious!!

  • morina

    ewww! i will not cut my hair like that….is ugly… never

  • morina

    the hair is so ugly…you look fool if you will have hair like that…

  • coty

    no me gusta ese peinado
    pero a sasha y a coco les
    queda todo bien
    las amo (L)

  • brooke

    :?: why are you hatin on them you probably are jealous but yeah no you arent they are ugly.. but it is HIGH fashion and not all of them are pretty but they have the look for the clothes..

  • finnish girl

    her hear looks like UFO has landed …wroooommmm
    kauheata katsottavaa,Suomessa ei ole tuollainen muodissa-eikö toivottavasti tule…

  • frankie


  • frankie

    OMG SIKK! HAIR !!!__________EUGH


  • Pezza

    this hair is wat my freind wants mel muldowney

  • Pezza

    this hair is wat my freind wants mel muldowney
    her email is ..

  • jay

    that hair scares me it makes me sick

  • Mimi

    the hair is not beautiful at all,they look like space ship

  • ChAnEl

    Wta iz up with that hair is it a guyz Toupe one word HORRIBLE Christan Dior can do way better

  • wrdo

    It’s so nice I like it

    Ilike the brown one


  • nelz

    what the hell??? :shock: :shock: thats wrong!! the bag is even ugly!!!!! come on dior your a designer label! act like one!!!!

  • lipvixen

    Actually like the taupe bag. :oops: The hair is a nono!

  • $k!ppy

    the hair looks like garbage…
    add mee (;

  • Kanye East

    The hair isn’t cut. If some of you idiots would read it is an UPDO as in, they took the models hair and pinned it up…

  • Lisaboo2

    WOW! Space aliens do exist!

  • Lisaboo2

    Oh and Kanye East, it’s not polite to call people idiots. I’m a licensed cosmetologist and I would be ashamed to call that an updo if I created it… Peace

  • Morgan

    BTW you uneducated panseys, the hair is not cut like that, its all in a tight top side pony and flattened, their hair isn’t so hideous,.
    Its high fashion, not a disaster

  • Naggy

    The bags are hot and spunky but the hairdos need to go. (ipad)