Alexander Wang Coco Duffel in Denim Leather

The elusive Alexander Wang Coco Duffel is making a comeback, only this time it is a ShopBop exclusive color. The black Alexander Wang Coco Duffel with gold studs is still hugely popular and now ShopBop teamed up with Alexander Wang to bring you a denim leather version.

Super soft leather with the look of denim, this Alexander Wang bag gives off a distressed leather look. The studs are silver rather than the black with gold studs. There are two hidden zip pockets and a box pleat at the side. This bag is less edgy than the black on gold, appearing a bit ‘lighter and airy’ rather than dense and edgy. Buy exclusively through ShopBop for $850.

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  • 19yearslater

    I do like the look of this, actually. Not as much as the black rocker one, but I really don’t hate the denim colour.

  • michaelstjames

    i thought that the black and gold version was overrated, and this bag is even less appealing to me. i kinda wanna see a black one with silver studs.

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I actually am a huge fan of the black bag with gold studs, but I do not like this version at all. It totally loses all of its appeal in this color. The denim leather is kind of cool, but not on this bag. I think he should have stuck with the original!


  • bisbee

    I posted the link to the denim one – not because I like it! I just ordered the black yesterday. This blue one doesn’t do it for me at all – in my opinion, the leather on the original and the black with the gold is much more striking. This one is meh…

    By the way – when I ordered, Nadine of Mick Margo told me that the studs are more of a brass than gold, which I already knew. I had ordered another AW bag from them (the Betty flap) and returned it, since it was WAY too small – but it was made from the same leather as the Coco, and was trimmed with a few of the same studs. The leather is incredible…which is why I decided to go ahead and try the Coco!

  • otter

    Last Saturday at Coffee Bean, saw a woman standing in line with the black one with the gold/bronze studs. After this sighting, I am questioning whether I still want this. The bag looks odd if it is not full. The stiff structure of the studds on the bottom, with no structure around the sides, makes it look kind of deflated when it comes off the arm. That little sighting just saved me $850 bucks.

  • kelly

    don’t really like it at all – especially after seeing bottega veneta’s duffel style bag – “montaigne”.

  • Jan

    Not my style-I’d NEVER pay that for this bag! Ditto Kelly’s thoughts!

  • JI


  • Jess

    I love love love the studs at the bottom of the bag. Kind of hate the rest of it though.

  • Ellez

    Ugh…don’t like this at all!!!! I liked the black but this just looks cheap and well…weird. Maybe it’s just the picture but not for me all.

  • papertiger

    I agree with the majority. I like the black and gold but this combo looks yuck!

    Sorry Mr. Wang

  • Ace

    This is a hot mess of tacky!!! I would guess it is a handbag purchased off the street from a shady looking guy displaying other bags on a blanket. Appropriate only for a 5 year old with no sense of style. I can’t believe this was even featured!!

  • atrophia

    I voted for the denim with silver. I really like silver hardware, and this bag looks really soft and smooshy. But what I would like more than either of them is the black bag with the silver hardware. I’m definitely one of those people who doesn’t like to mix her metals and overwhelmingly prefers silver.

  • Kimberly

    I like the black one better, but this one isn’t so bad.

  • Sagichelle

    I like the Blue Demin color bag. What a unique idea from the location of the studs.