It’s actually made by a luggage brand!

I’m a sucker for a good floral. My usual wardrobe tends to be dark, solid-colored and not particularly feminine, but a well-executed floral in just the right color combination always catches my attention. Maybe it’s because of my upbringing in Georgia—the South loves a bright print, after all. Just ask Lilly Pulitzer! And when I saw the SteamLine Starlet Vanity Case, I was immediately in love, too. The fact that it’s not really a handbag seems negotiable, at least in my imagination.

SteamLine is a luggage brand known for combining a vintage aesthetic with modern conveniences like rolling suitcases, and this bag is also a piece of luggage: it doesn’t just adhere to the “vanity case” trend, it’s actually designed to hold toiletries, cosmetics and other personal items. It’s 12 inches wide, finished with a leather shoulder strap and covered in a lovely, pink-based floral, though, so it seems like it really wants to be a handbag.

I’m a longtime Instagram skeptic, but I still can’t help but think how cute this thing would look in a photo. And you know it would be sturdy and stand up to all kinds of use—it’s made by a luggage brand, after all. The only problem is that it’s actually structured like a tiny suitcase, instead of a handbag disguised as a tiny suitcase. There’s not interior gussets to prevent your possessions from falling out of the sides if you don’t hold it flat while you open it, which…admittedly, would be a problem. Unless you’re handy with a needle and thread and can add some fabric in there, it’s probably best left as an actual vanity case on your next trip to the beach.

A girl can dream, though, and at least for the moment, I’m enjoying envisioning this bag alongside a linen dress and sun hat. Maybe what I actually want is just a couple nights in an awesome resort?

If you’re into this design for either of its potential uses, you can pick up both it and the green version for $478 via Anthropologie.

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