JCrew Lugano Leather SuitcaseOn the one hand, I think the JCrew Lugano Leather Suitcase is really pretty. It looks really well made, and J. Crew‘s website says that it’s manufactured by some big-deal Italian manufacturer called Dell’Ga. I’m sure they’re awesome, and I’m sure this is a wonderful suitcase. BUT IT’S BASICALLY WHITE! I know the color is called “stone,” which implies that there’s some grey to it, but still. Almost white. And a decent-sized suitcase seems like it would be the single most impractical thing in the world to manufacture in such a light color.

Airports are disgusting (at least to me) in pretty much every way imaginable, and I don’t like putting my cheap duffel bag on the dirty conveyor belt to be checked, let alone a nearly $2000 piece of nearly white handcrafted luggage. It also doesn’t have any little wheelies on it, meaning you’re lugging it by yourself, and it weighs nearly nine pounds when completely empty. The price, the color, and the lack of functionality lead me to only one conclusion – these bags are made for those that have OTHERS that see to it that their luggage arrives safely at their destination. Buy through J.Crew for $1800.

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  • Claire

    Yikes. I’m sure it looks pretty in their catalog carried by their gorgeous models, but holy impractical!

  • michaelstjames

    stunning…but i have to agree that it’s completely impractical!


  • 19yearslater

    It’s really really pretty but- white? Really? That is no colour for a suitcase.

  • Jen

    Yep, you’ll be crying in the baggage claim as your white suitcase pops out with black streaks across it. How about when you watch the ramp guys toss it out of the plane and it falls on the ground? Not practical at all unless you’re road tripping it.

  • gpc

    Yep – only for those with private jets and the luggage goes up into the cabin with them :)

  • kelly

    a collector’s piece, no doubt :)


    Wow, its so pretty but i would only buy it if it was like in black or gray or even brown. It will get dirty really fast and get stollen

  • franca

    definitively not .. to go on a plane !!! but would look nice in a trunk of a nice classic convertible car ;o))

  • Merve

    I’ll get my private plane first and the think about the white luggage!

  • Leslie

    Yikes…forget about the color…take it from a woman is always over the weight limit at the a/p….I don’t want a 9 pound mini-suitcase. Over time I would rake up way more than the cost of $1800 in airline over the weight/extra baggage fees.

  • Meladen

    This is ridiculous. Of course, no matter how lovely, any suitcase without wheels is ridiculous to me.

  • bagKrazy!!!

    Xtremely impractical and ridiculous,white luggage with no wheels,might as well have been made of suede!!!wouldn’t get this even if i had a private jet and a million dollars!!

  • fashionistaO

    disconnect from reality, really – white? It’s for photo opps. only!
    Strike a pose, expensive frame, done. Return within 30 days.