Louis Vuitton LuggageAfter a very exciting Buckeye weekend, Megs and I took the trip down to South Florida to visit her wonderful family. While waiting for my bag to finally roll out on the conveyor belt in the baggage claim, I noticed a business man in his mid-30s who grabbed a Louis Vuitton Pégase 70 and jetted off toward the cabs outside the terminal.

No matter how well I may or may not be doing in life, I could never see myself spending nearly $3,000 on a piece of luggage that I knew would go through an abusive bag hell. It is unnecessary to say that the baggage folks at airports will bang your expensive bag around as much as the next, generic suitcase. Do you think it makes any sense to spend a big premium on designer luggage?

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  • Christy

    I do not put my Louis Vuitton handbag on the floor, so I would not buy a luggage from Louis Vuitton unless I knew I would not be using it at an airport. However, if I had tons of money to burn… why not!

  • suzana

    I would never buy Louis Vuitton luggage. It is too showy. The best luxury luggage burn some money on is Globe Trotter Luggage. The scratches and tears give it character. Also anyone who can spend thousands of dollars on luggage should be on a private jet not in the cowherd.

  • jane

    Can you even see this. ??? I’d opt for the private jet and buy the new wardrobe upon arrival.

  • tony

    Personally, I would NEVER buy any luxury high end luggage if I could not carry it on. I have a hard side LV Jumelle (special order) and I use it on weekend driving getaways–never to be checked in. When traveling internationally, you are a target and expect your cab ride to be marked up. I traded in my Keepall for a Mulholland Brothers carry on (still maintaining the quality and luxury but a bit more understated).

  • Kitty Von Bang

    The airlines are liable to pay for your luggage if it gets damaged. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if you have a 20dollar or 2000dollar luggage inside the airplane hold. I personally just bought a replica Pegase 60 for under 300 dollars, it’s as good as authentic one, and I won’t go mental if it gets damaged.. :) I have had a LV holdal in use for almost 10 years, (it’s a replica as well and cost about 150 dollars), and althought it’s been thrown around in airports around the world, it’s still in excellent condition. I guess they even make the LV replicas great quality… ? I also have authentic LV bag, and it’s aged worse in my opinion (the leather has gone too dark)… :wink:

  • jay

    Its very cute i luv it but, its very expensive some people dont travel a lot and to spend over 2,000 on luggage is awful so unless you own a private jet and make a lot of money you shouldnt get it.

  • Dan

    £3000 is just a smidge over the top for a designer bag, especially that you only see it from your home to the plane then plane to hotel :P Check out this blog post about some cases that drive themselves when you put enough pressure on the handle:
    They are £500, I would still say that’s too much considering they will be tossed about and the wheel motors will be broken :P

    Also, Jay, if you earned alot of money and could afford a jet, you wouldnt need to carry your own luggage so i’m sure you wouldnt care what it looked like.

  • Naggy

    I would never in a million years use luggage that pricey; handbags only. (ipad)