There’s perhaps nothing so tragic in fashion as looking at a bag that you know for a fact to be real and thinking that it looks fake. Sadly, that was exactly the reaction I had to the Valentino Sequin-Embellished Rosette Tote. Perhaps this motif has reached its logical end for the brand – it may be time for Valentino to start mining a different theme, considering how successful it was with birds last week.

I’ve reviewed flower-dotted Valentino totes so many times that going back and searching through them probably isn’t worth it, and I’ve had something positive to say in almost every instance. In fact, Valentino has been one of my favorites accessories designers for several seasons – the brand’s attention to detail and insistance of the best materials is almost unparalleled on the luxury bag market. This bag, though? This bag is not cute.

The material looks like cheaply-cut brown cardboard, and although it certainly feels softer in person, the effect is not high-end or luxurious. The indifferently sprinkled sparkles don’t do anything to help – they’re not clustered tightly enough to look convincingly like the center of the flower or loosely enough to pretend like that’s not what they were intended to be.

Valentino’s layered flowers always look like the very definition of abundance, and this bag looks low-budget in comparison. It’s missing the visual, textural pleasure and bursting intricacy, and that ruins the entire effect for which Valentino is so universally known. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2500.

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  • Pradameinhofgang

    i think its horrible! over detailed, fussy and almost looks like one of those pleather bags you see on tat stalls for $10.

  • Jen

    I’ll bet that it’s nicely done, but from the pic, it looks like something that Ann Taylor or Banana Republic would churn out. It would have been nicer if it were a different color, with pearls instead of rhinestones, and not in tote form.

  • Erik

    i couldn’t agree more with you Amanda… it’s just not … Valentino-ish!

  • Stylista

    I agree with you in that it is missing the visual craftsmanship that we expect from Valentino, but I don’t think it looks cheap. It may not be up to Valentino’s standards (and ours!), but it is still much better crafted than what you would find in retail malls.

  • Freya

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  • edoardo

    I agree ocmpletely with you..this bag is ugly and looks cheap…There are too much roses and reallyt seems a fake….Valentino’s designer (Chiuri and Piccioli) have a lot of talent for the accessories but it’s a pity that, sometimes, they make so ugly bags and shoes….Because when they pay attention to what they are creating…the result are amazing!

  • An4

    hahahahhaha 2500$ for THAT?! good one… very funny.

  • Kai

    Oh My! That thing is just totally hideous!

    Like something your elderly grandmother made with her local woman’s craft group for $15 including the cost of the bedazzler machine! Actually, that’s cruel to my grandmother’s memory – she always carried simple, elegant leather handbags in shades of blue – Never anything this tacky.

  • Sonya

    I have to sadly admit, this is actually the very first handbag that Valentino made, that I think his horrible!!! He never does work that looks like this, maybe he should have just stayed home, enjoyed a great movie and sipped wonderful wine on the day he invented this bag.

    First ever Valentino NO NO!!!!

  • Jelita78

    i love flower petals.. but this one looks sooo disproportional.. just plain terrible! (ipad)

  • helen

    They look like pearls from far away. (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I think that this looks very cheap. (ipad)