Pringle of Scotland may not be a name that everyone knows, but it might be a name everyone should learn. Once merely a luxury knitwear manufacturer (from Scotland, duh), they’ve now been acquired by new owners (in Hong Kong, I believe) and are trying to create a larger brand identity for themselves. I don’t know how long they’ve been doing handbags, although I suspect that they’re fairly new to the market, but the Pringle of Scotland Kasia Slouch Tote makes a formidable (and enviable) first impression. Clearly, celebs like Rachel Bilson (pictured here curtousey of JustJared) have already added the bag to their handbag collection.

At a glance, it’s a black bag. Look closer, however; the detail work is nothing less than amazing. The 4 stripes on the front are knotted and woven in shades of grey and black leather so intricately that I MUST see this bag in person. I don’t know if it’s hand-constructed or not, but if not, they’ve certainly done a great job of making it look as though it was; the slightly rough edges and slight variation in the knots would make me feel like my bag was the only one like it in the world. The leather also looks incredibly thick and soft – and is that a suede lining I see? The bag’s description says that’s it’s ultra-lightweight – can that be? A suede lining on a bag that doesn’t make my arm want to fall off of my body? What kind of magic are these people DOING over in Scotland? Either way, the brand can be had through (they’ve got some cute clothes, too!) and I look forward to seeing MUCH more from this brand’s handbag line in the future. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2,500.

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  • Gina

    This bag is cute, if you like slouchy handbags, but I can’t help but think how it looks very similar to the Balenciaga bag that jennifer Aniston has been wearing. Personally I’d buy the similar balenciaga bag before this one, as this one looks like a replica.

  • Two thumbs down…

  • I must see this Balenciaga bag.

  • serena

    hey amanda,
    If you like suede lining let me recommend the Veneta from Bottega. I just bought one, it’s a leather bag lined in suede and it weighs nothing! I love that bag. I wish I hadn’t bought so many others before it as they just seem like a waste now. I like this bag as well, but bottega is actually cheaper.

  • Julie

    I really like this bag, think I’d like it even more in a brown or caramel color…

  • Gina

    I’m sorry for the confusion, the bag I’m talking about that Jennifer Aniston has been wearing is not Balenciaga, it’s Bottega Veneta.

  • Merve

    Which Bottega Veneta? Pringle is a brand where grandmas buy sweaters from, so $2k plus for a bag from them is a little steep. They should start off with normal prices and see how well their designs are received.

  • Sarah

    This bag is super cute. Reminds me of a mix between the Treesje Sophia Hobo and the Treesje Monroe Satchel! I like it! Expensive though… sells the Treesje bags!!

  • Sarah

    Oops! Typo! Its

  • marion

    personally, I thing Pringle is a very classy line. I am from Scotland but live in the USA. I have a handbag with the rampant lion logo. You pay for what you get!!