Luella Daria TotesSorry family, sorry friends, sorry school, sorry work, sorry boyfriend; I’ve found the new loves of my life. This is love at first sight. I can’t help but fall head-over-heels in love with these 2 new bags by Luella. From the shape/style, color and just overall appeal I think you will all have to agree (of your going to have one angry girl on your hands).

First, I want to tell you about the tan Daria Tote. The tote comes in a nude (tan) calfskin with white topstitching. What makes it stand out from the rest is the pink and white floral appliques and cutouts on front. The bag opens on top and features the signature strappy Luella details with silver metal grommets and rings. What else could line the inside but pink pig suede with a semi-attached zip pocket with the “Luella” pull tab. It measures precisely 11 3/5″H x 13 3/5″W x 7 1/5″D, which to me is just a gorgeous shape and size and can hold just about anything. As we have gone over time and time again, to buy a bag that beautiful has a heafty price tag involved, $895.00, but I seriously am going to disreguard the tag and just go for the bag.

Secondly, the Daria Tote, White. I realize the 2 bags have the same name, but look wise I find them very different. Why I love the white one is because it is simply elegant. This is what they call a “Bag of tricks too-cute tote adorned with signature hardware and precious tags”. Umm hello, duh! This bag features white calfskin with tan topstitching, and similar open top, pink suede lining, and the semi-attached zip pocket with the “Luella” pull tab, and the same size as the other. The big difference from the other is this bag looks more simple on the outside, featuring tan logo heart, horse, and red apple tags. Both bags are gorgeous and your selection depends on what you would like and how you want to accessorise. Also too, the white tote is $100 cheaper than the tan, $795, and I’m sure that is because the tan has more ornate detailing on the outside. Beautiful tan calfskin with an intricate floral design or supple white calfskin adorned with cute tags. Ahh what to do, what to do? (Sadly enough, this is the toughest question I have to ask myself and my wallet today :-D)

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