Louis Vuitton Thats Love Satin Tote

We already reported on the beige version of this Louis Vuitton bag, but I figured for any that really want to spend this amount on a silk tote should be aware of the two new colors available. eLuxury now has both Kaki and Violet available in the Louis Vuitton That’s Love Satin Tote. Do you like it more in these colors, or will it never do it for you? Buy at eLuxury’s Louis Vuitton store for $1720.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Purly

    I just refuse to pay $1720 for a fabric tote.

  • Brittcentric

    I would never pay that much for a fabric tote silk and LV or not.

  • JNH14

    Are they CRAZY? This has to be a joke…their regular bags don’t even cost that!!! :roll:

  • Joan

    never ever need this bag

  • Tyra

    are u crazy? who r u selling this to, george bush or donald trump?

  • Kim

    I usually hate LV, but I kind of like these for some reason. Until I saw the price, at least. I mean, this bag isn’t a classic; you’ll wear it for one season and then be sick of it, so it makes no sense to pay that much for it.

  • EmilyGL

    these bags look so cheap it’s really amazing that they are even releasing them.

  • Alina

    i would never pay this much for a fabric tote!!!! i mean come on the other and nicer bags are cheaper than this!!!! it doesn’t make sense!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • yoanna

    aw i don’t think it’s that much. and cuter than i first thought. i think it’s a classic, especially with the amplitude of fabric totes these days.

  • Emma

    why do they look so cheap??? no detail or nothing pathetic really. :roll: whu would pay that much for this bag? emm u would have to b out of your mind!! :shock:

  • Lane

    I saw this bag in a magazine, and I loved it
    when I saw the price
    sorry but i wouldn’t pay that much for a bag that I would probally not last long

  • Janice

    That is CRAZINESS to pay so much for a fabric tote.

    I just got 5 stylish and incredible totes for less than $35 INCLUDING shipping, and they’re cute, too!! (http://www.brightandbold.com/envirosaxmono.html) and mine hold a ton of groceries… what do the LV bags hold?

  • kates

    uuh whaaaaat?
    this is ridiculous to the max!
    a fabric tote retailing over one thousand dollars
    that is just unheard of with most designers…

    i found a cute fabric tote that is marc jacobs for just ten dollars!? you go to http://www.marcjacbos.com then launch site. then special items and towards the end are little totes :grin:

    screw louis for his crazy prices!
    marc jacobs did inspire this :grin:

  • Annie

    Um kates, you ARE aware that Marc Jacobs designs for Louis Vuitton? Louis Vuitton himself is long gone…