Lambertson Truex Python Tote

California may have Hollywood, sunshine, Beverly Hills, beaches, shopping, and pretty much every gorgeous guy on the face of the planet, but they can’t have this beautiful tote shipped to them! (Sorry my Cali guys, just giving you a hard time ;-) ). I have always had a soft spot for python bags. And with white being the “it” color this spring, the beautiful Lambertson Truex Python Tote has caught my eye. This large tote (10″H x 18″W x 6″D) is made of white python which is accented with silver metal hardware. Simplicity and elegance at its finest is shown with the shoulder strap with rings and the gathered body which comes together on both sides of the bag. My heart melts for white and for python, so my heart is in a puddle right now. My wallet is also whimpering at this unaffordable price tag of $2250 via Neiman Marcus. So actually, California or not, I am still missing out :-(


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