henry cuir eco toteIt seems that people merely follow the ‘green’ trend if it is in style. While I wish everyone was more environmentally conscious at all times, because they actually care for the environment, I will take the green trend as it gets people thinking a tad. Wrapped up in Al Gore’s film and thoughts that it is time to start to help the planet, designers and stores are jumping on the ‘Go Green’ trend. Barneys is sporting an entire section, “Green Holiday”, to offer a plethora of items ranging from designer denim to handbags that are environmentally friendly. Finding a great ecological tote is a great way handbag lovers can show they are looking out for the environment. The Henry Cuir Ecological Tote is designed with natural leather that is tanned without chemicals and sports an etched design with a French message that reads, “I am the earth. I love myself and I respect myself.” The quote itself bring about a feeling of chi. There are double handles and the dimensions are 15.5″ x 15.5″ x 5.5″. 8″. This tote is exclusive at Barneys and is a step in the right direction. $850 at Barneys (shop the rest of the Green Holiday at Barneys HERE).

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