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Comme des Garcons Cowhide ToteSometimes, bags are functional – they carry all of your stuff to and from work or school, they give you a place to put things so you don’t lose them, and they compliment your outfit. Sometimes, though, bags can be a statement – that you’re a fan of a certain aesthetic, that you are of a certain socioeconomic status, or that you have a particular personality that you’d like to express to others. And then there are those bags that are purely there to show other fashion people just how “in the know” you are. I think that’s the case with the Comme des Garcons Cowhide Tote, which is stamped with the edgy, ultra-cool line’s signature clover pattern. The only people that will know it’s cool are the other extremely fashionable people, and if that’s the image you want to project, then something like this is the bag for you. If that’s not your main concern, then this is just another boring-shaped black leather tote, and you could get some with more of a “design” to it for the same price. Just depends on what part of yourself you’re trying to put out there, I suppose. Buy through Saks for $515.

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  • QueenMAB

    The tote style is uber practical, and I love embossed leather. This looks like a great bag and a FAB pricetag too.

  • Marwa

    i am from kuwait and yes holding this bag will turn heads to you when you go to the Avneus mall on Satrday ( the day of fashion ) it will work for me :)

  • stella

    Very pretty.

  • emm

    I WANT
    but for me
    5 bills is too much
    even if it’s CDG
    i love CDG and this style is very me and it’s great b/c i just need a huge bag that can hold it all
    if it were only 2 or 3 hundred dollars lol
    impossible, their summer coin purses are a 100 alone =(

  • dela

    Look out, Van Cleef and Arpels might sue you.
    Seriously though, this bag is fabulous.

  • Carolyn

    The price is high but not ridiculous, for a handbag, but I still want more for that price. It is a cute idea and seems like an easy bag to use.

  • Chiffre

    I love Comme des Garçons for their often-than-not nonesensical designs. I, for one, have this bag and it’s great (not in the clover design, though, but in the “asterisk” pattern). No one questions me about it, which I assume as a sign that the people who ‘know’ just ‘know’, and give you the good eye. As for those who don’t, they blithely walk by without a wink or care, as they’re slightly more concerned with more ubiquitous handbaggery.
    I love to be on the “down-low”. Though if you really think about, you can never really be on the down-low with anything now, can you? Especially when you’re toting around something covered in any sort of pattern.

  • amy365

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  • Merve

    I like its simplicity but its not enough.

  • Sarah Julie

    WOW. L.O.V.E this

  • hazel

    Not for me, I don’t like plain bags that only people in the know will appreciate, I prefer pretty bags that everyone can look at and say hey, that’s a pretty bag!

  • emm

    dear chiffre
    monogram or as long as it is some sort of pattern, someone will recongnize it especially with the internet and what not
    but i really want this
    i’ve been looking at so many bags that i might want to invest in
    this is definitely an investment for a student
    all the other marc jacobs or Bbags all seem too flashy for me
    i like it that no one knows what it is
    but me
    this is why i love minimalist brands like APC
    no one cares but me!

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