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  • aidan

    that one bag is Loro Piana right..? the Bellefue?

  • Adrienne

    that bag is Loro Piana

  • stevieleigh

    Lover her almost as much as her bag collection!

  • Aoedele

    Don’t care for her street nor red carpet styles, but her bags are enviable.

  • kimmie

    Really do not care for your new slideshow format. Wonder why you keep changing. The view all option with all regular size pictures was best.

  • Munnie

    The Gallery way to view pictures is a real turn off.. Its not about how big or clear the pictures are but absolute nobody likes to click or press a keyboard button to view each picture!! The other posts have their pictures all in a single page already so why is this still happening??

    • jess

      second this

      • Susie


    • Souda Trinh

      YES! I have the exact same sentiment. I clicked on launch gallery and was immediately turned off. I didn’t even bother clicking on any pictures and just came back here to comment. Please bring the old format back. I like to just “view all” and mindlessly scroll down until I find something I like.

    • Sofia

      Sorry to hear that’s happening to you. I’m viewing this on iPhone and I am not having that problem.

      • Some of the comments on this post are from the old gallery system several years ago–we’ve fixed the glitch!

  • J

    Ugh… I started reading more posts here on purseblog when you switched to the one post full of reg sized pictures. I know you probably changed it because more clicks = more money, but I have a feeling it will backfire. I will no longer be checking back.

  • Debbie

    Agreed, the Fontano Milano is a total standout amongst the sea of Hermes and even Chanel (which I love btw). They need to bring that to the states stat!

    • anouk

      Is Fontano Milano only available in South America? OMG! I love it to bits!

  • anouk

    40 and gorgeous with an extraordinary-style-of-her-own purse collection! It’s like Jessica Biel with her Fendi collection and SJP’s unique loot, as well! =)

  • Picture number 33 is not VBH. Its Paola Dangond, really good friend of mine.

    • MARISA

      Where is Paola Dangond selling the beautiful clutches in NYC?? I would love to purchase the orange one!! Its beautiful.

  • Paola Dangond


    Someone! Anyone! Please please tell me who makes the white beaded clutch that Sophia wore to the White House Correspondence Dinner last week??? Thanks.


    If any one can tell me who makes the white beaded clutch Sofia wore to the White House Correspondent dinner last week? Please! I LOVE it!

  • Kats

    Hi, your gallery is not launching. I need my Sofia fix:)

  • ?

    Hi the page fails to load each time i click on the Launch Gallery…?

  • Xxx

    I can’t load the gallery? Help pls!

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Sofia seems to make all her bags look good! I guess you don’t have to be Colombian, but it helps! Loro Piana…very nice!

  • Michelle

    Thank you for fixing this and updating! She has an awesome collection!

  • Dominic Leto

    Number 3 is Prada, and Number 20 is Nancy Gonzalez, I think.

  • shueaddict

    thank youuuuu !!! There is something eternally happy about this woman – I just love her energy ! And YES YES YES to the Roady – I still love mine ( with stingray handle) – bought many agonizing months after seeing that Gossip girl episode.

  • Sofia

    I love her bag collection! They suit her glamorous, OTT personality.

  • Jen

    Number 4 is from Loren Hatch, a colombian designer that makes really good exotics and is one of Sofia’s favorite.

  • BarbaraB

    It is just me or that black firkin looks like the leather is cracked?

  • Lucia Sanchez

    She looks like Fran Drescher in the older photos.