Oscar de la Renta continues to prove he is not only ahead of the curve but also completely able to relate to all of us who spend our days glued to gadgets.

Today we have the exclusive preview of the second batch of Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutches. The first iPad cases (which Oscar endearingly calls a clutch) were spotted on the runway of the Resort 2011 show. Just before that show, Oscar himself purchased an iPad which prompted him to create a fashionable clutch to cover his new omnipotent tablet.


The Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch garnered internet-wide fandom for its sleek but fashionable design. The first set was available exclusively and in limited edition via OscardelaRenta.com and sold out quickly.

Here is the good news for all of you: We have the first look of the second set of iPad clutches and I happen to adore these even more than the first batch! Debuting tonight on the site, the second group of de la Renta iPad Clutches become available for purchase. This group has gone glam in three python versions and one crocodile embossed leather version.

It may seem like calling these cases clutches is off, but it is not. When you think of an iPad case, it sounds like more of a protection layer than anything else. But Oscar de la Renta lives and breathes fashion and combines it with function in these exotic and upscale iPad Clutch designs.


These clutches are meant to be part of your ensemble and to be used as a statement piece. The python options offer three different colors: vivacious red, pearlized taupe, and a deep pearlized rose. Then there is the black crocodile embossed leather version, which is perfect for a man or woman. The clutches are simple yet striking and the perfect accessory to your wardrobe. And at $390 for the python version, we think it is a rather reasonable price.

With technology moving at such a fast pace, it is exciting to watch one of fashion’s all time greats lead the pack with an exotic design that is hard to resist for the latest Apple must-have gadget.

Buy exclusively via Oscar de la Renta online: Red python for $390, Taupe Python $390, Rose Python $390, Black Crocodile Embossed Leather $290.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Alana

    These are so beautiful!!! I want one of each :)

  • Kimberley

    The price point is very good, but I feel the actual flap and large nameplate cheapens the look overall. If it was just a singular slipcase with a thin leather latch, or a possible zip around, I think the leather really would have been the centre of attention. Then again I guess I could simply carry it showing off the back instead lol.

    Wonderful that designers are embracing beautifully designed tech.

  • Abby Shaari

    The design is straightforward and chic. But as a matter of preference, I’d still get Ferragamo’s iPad case (in mandarin) — feels and looks a modern kind of classy :)

  • Staci

    I love that Oscar de la Renta has designed such a fabulous accessory for the iPad! The rose and taupe are my favorites!

  • jack

    good bag , it is just a little expensive , like to get some discount

  • Demi

    I love all of them!!! They are both modern and stylish. Plus, their price is quite reasonable. The only thing I need to do now is buy an i-pad! lol

  • Andrew Olson

    stylish? really? c’mon people… this design is something that i would expect a first year design student to come up with.
    One thing going for it as opposed to most iPad cases is that it’s a case that doesn’t strap the iPad in and have it look like some kind of hideous book.
    If you want to see stylish i suggest you head on over to our pages to check out something that I think is much nicer (and yes, there’s a snakeskin print if you’re after one).
    let us know what you think.

  • Maggie

    Love them!! Very pretty colors too! Now, I just need an iPad to put in them! (ipad)

  • jo

    this will be fab with the iPad from you guys! (ipad)

  • bootsalinda

    cute (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    oh love it love it love it !!
    but bummer that this can’t be open up to tablet type.. i much prefer to get that one instead of just sleeve/ pouch type.. coz when i have my ipad out, i’d like people to gawk at the python! (if u know what i mean) ! (ipad)

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