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botkier morgan satchel For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of the color purple. I remember when we moved into a new house and our mom asked if we wanted to paint our rooms a certain color or if we wanted wallpaper put up. I begged and pleaded to have my room painted a “soft” shade of purple, but mom was reluctant. I guess I can see where she is coming from; I bet she thought it was a color I would get sick of rather quickly. Although I lost that battle, I’ve definitely always noticed my eye is still drawn to purple. Perhaps that is why I like the Botkier Morgan Large Satchel in Grape. And actually come to think of it, I’ve found myself taking notice when it comes to Botkier bags like the Botkier Gemma Tab Flap Hobo. The Botkier bags I’ve written about seem great because of the space! Day to day, I need a handbag that can withstand my running around. I think the Morgan Large Satchel could do the job. Plus, I love the color, the shape the fringe accents, and really, more than anything else, how completely gorgeous and fun the bag is. I am sure if I am out running errands and throw this bag up on the counter as I pay for my groceries, someone will comment. What do you think, is Botkier soon to be a front runner in your closet? Buy through Singer22 for $775.