Gerard Darel Midday Midnight Hobo

Today, Vlad and I took a trip to Jungle Island off of Miami Beach. There we mingled with our friends; the colorful, loud, and beautiful parrots. Our friend, Sky the Macaw, was chatting with me about my Gerard Darel Midday Midnight Hobo.

Truth is, Sky was more concerned with how to hop off her beam to gnaw at the wood on the pole next to her.

I was a long time lover of Gerard Darel bags and finally nabbed my first a couple months ago. The Midday Midnight Hobo is an excellent bag. The shape of the hobo is roomy, yet not oversized and the leather is thick and smooshy. The stunning purple hue pops out but will match practically anything. The only problem I ever have with this bag is getting the chunky top zipper to open when I have the bag on my arm. This is an inconvenience as it is always nice to have an easy opening zip. Buy through Delcina in other color options.

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  • Suzanne

    Too cute of a picture and beautiful bag. Love the way Vlad takes photos . . . very artistic.

    • Thanks Suzanne – I love this photo too. Vlad really has an eye for it and the finish is very colorful yet retro!

      The bag is a stunner as well

  • Kasia

    Looks like the company addressed the complaints of too slouchy from June ’08! This one doesn’t look like it will puddle on the floor/ table-top. This brand is new to me – I’ll certainly be checking out what TPF-ers have to say about it! Thanks

  • longchamp

    Gerard Darel is very popular w/ the ladies in France.

  • Marissa Cooper

    The photo is just picture perfect! I love everything in the picture…and your colorful sash/belt too, Megs! It all complements each other :D

  • Baglady39

    Beautiful photo!!! I have this same bag and SAME problem with the zipper…so annoying!!! The bag is so gorgeous, though, that I deal with it.

    • Seems like it is a problem with the GD, not just my bag then. It is so chunky and the zipper pull is so thick that I have a hard time opening the bag without pulling it tight.

      Other than that I truly love the bag, but I prefer leaving it zipped up, not leaving it open all day

  • barplac

    Can you tell me what size that bag is? 24? 36? I am just trying to gage the size. The measurements differ from website to website. Thanks!

  • candy

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