We’re ready to bid Winter farewell and welcome Spring with open arms.

Out with the new Louis Vuitton Cheche Bohemian, part of the 2010 Spring collection.

More info here. Detailed review coming to your browser shortly.

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  • Leah

    Oooh… it’s my favorite (BY FAR) of the new LV bags, congrats!

  • HandbagReport

    LOVE it!!

  • Natalia

    Hi Megs,
    congratulations!!! As you I have the same and just got the tassels / bag charms!!! You must get it as well. It is so much fun!!!
    Best from Germany,

  • Melody

    Awesome photo. Who is this beautiful girl?

    The bag is lovely on the model.

    • That would be my wife and PurseBlog resident editor-in-chief Megs!

      • speaking of…

        Thats Megs! WOOW! I thought she was model or something for LV? You should definitely try modeling cause I thought this was part of ad campaign for LV…

      • Aw thanks!!! I actually dislike being in front of the camera but we will be doing more photos like this for PurseBlog :)

  • fashion court

    SO fabulous!


    fashion court

  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    What a great bag and photo! I love the texture of the cardi… Rodarte for Target?

    • Sharp eye, Anna. It is indeed a Rodarte for Target cardi!

  • Jane

    Wow Congratulations on the new LV it looks amazing. I love your outfit!! It looks so comfy and chic. Great necklace. Thanks Vlad for a great photo!

  • Stephanie


  • StyleRevolution

    I love it! Wow LV used the term Bohemian.. Impressive!

  • scorpio

    One I first saw the Pic of this Louis, I wasn’t to sure about it but seeing on Megs.
    It looks great, nice pick from the collection :)

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Great addition Megs – congrats!

  • Cristina

    Great photo! The bag and Megs look stunning!

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful-Megs you could be a model!

  • Lauren

    That bag is a must have!!! Its simple and looks comfortable!

  • Donna C.

    Great bag and great pic


    This bag is very beautiful, it is a good interpretation of urban style. Functional and exclusive.

  • Brigette

    Beautiful picture! Love the bag and the outfit…I have that Rodarte for Target cardigan too, it’s lovely!

  • sumera akram

    it’s super!! enjoy it.


    Cute bag, but its a bag that you would have to be TOO CAREFUL, once its dirty, it would be a rap for an expensive bag!!!

  • faline

    In general, I do not like LV bags. However, I really like this one!

  • Handbag Lover

    Love it!

  • hect

    love your style truly, interesting louis too

  • Chris

    I still do not like the bag, sorry.

  • Heather

    Love the pic! Correct me if I am wrong:

    Cardigan – Rodarte for Target
    Necklace – J. Crew
    Sunglasses – RayBan or Perisol?

  • Michelle

    I usually do love LV bags, but not this one. sorry.

  • Nancy

    That is one seriously ugly handbag…..errrrr weekender…….errrr tote bag???

  • Sonya

    A bag is not a bag if it’s not big!!! This bag is fantabulous, (fantastic and fabulous at the same time). I am a lover of large handbags so, this is a hit for me.

  • Elyse

    Awesome photo! Megs looks so chic! (fb)

  • Joy

    nice picture!
    whos the girl? a writer for this blog?
    sorry for my cluelessness :P

  • marian t

    love this bag! (fb)