Lockheart Bag

I was recently introduced to Lockheart by many loyal fans on the Purse Forum. After we covered Lockheart, it was obvious that the love for that brand was huge. Without seeing one of their bags, I was left wondering what the design was like in person, what the leather felt like, and if this brand was as big as the others said. I can now assure you that Lockheart bags are stunning.

I adore this bag. The leather is really smooshy with a slight sheen. The color of this bag reminds me of a true red wine, not too purple, not too red, but a combination of both colors that oozes beauty. What I love the most is the detail on the top of the bag, a cut out design that adds the perfect touch, which is also seen on a middle strap and the handle. Also, the shoulder strap hangs beautifully from my arm, with ample drop. On the inside you will find tons of pockets and pouches for your sorting needs with a satin circle pattern lining. It is true; I am in love. This bag is not available for purchase yet, but I will get more details on it for you all soon! Check Lockheart online for more.

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  • Julie

    What a lovely photo – that colour and leather look divine.

  • azureartist

    That is one gorgeous bag! Love all the little details in their bags.

  • mj

    Lockheart bags are DIVINE! Once you have one, you want more!

  • spanish moss

    hi, megs and vlad,

    y’all have outdone yourselves!

    omg, i love the quiet sophistication and sheen of this bag against the shabby chic of the of the chair. well done/g

  • Linda

    Their bags have beautiful supple leather but I find they are too heavy. That bag happens to be striking!

  • bagolicious

    Absolutely stunning! I’m speechless.

  • Tanya

    Great photo! The bag is pretty too! Love the color!

  • Jan

    I have two Lockheart bags, and the craftmanship is 2nd to none!That being said-they are heavy to carry around!

  • This one is really not too heavy at all, in fact I almost thought it was light. It doesn’t remind me of Chloe leather, which can be very heavy – it seems pretty ‘regular’ in its weight for me! But when feeling the leather I can see how some might be a bit heavy

  • Brigette

    Oh wow! This is such a beautiful bag! I haven’t really heard much about Lockheart until yall mentioned it, but I’m loving it. Maybe this bag could be in a giveaway too…? ;) Just a thought!

  • Serene

    It’s very beautiful! It looks like a must have for me. Where can I buy lockheart bags?

  • Summer

    So pretty!

    What happened to the “Bag Art” contest? I don’t remember the winners for that being revealed. I am curious to see what the new name is!

  • Mandy

    Beautiful bag – love the color! Can’t wait to try Lockheart.

  • mette

    A charming picture!

  • Alicia

    What a great photo! I have a Lockheart made from that same leather, and I love it. My bag is super lightweight and gets better the more I wear it.

  • laika

    This is such a beautiful bag! It looks perfect for summer –
    the size says take me out ion the day but throw a cardigan
    in me and take me out at night!
    Can I also say that deep red screams romantic summer

  • Leah

    I have three Lockheart bags – so I guess that speaks for the fact that I love this brand. When I carry my bag I feel like I’m carrying with me a work of art – because I am. The leather is delicious – the detailiing exquisite and I always get compliments. Perhaps I am stronger than I thought reading others’ comments about the weight – the weight seems just right to me and I am a small woman.

  • lisa

    Really Pretty!! Love the details! Is it in stores yet??

  • Samia

    gorgeous bag!

  • Marie

    I love, love, love Lockheart. I have been a fan since the beginning and their details just get better and better. Can’t wait to see what’s next. This bag looks amazing! (I don’t see that there are any weight issues either, just beautiful design and craftsmanship)

  • Denise

    This bag is gorgeous!

  • Tonya

    What a beautiful picture! I LOVE the color of the bag.

  • Aliza

    These woman are SO talented! I have a number of them and I love each and everyone. The details are impecable and they wear well with everything. Lockheart is my obsession!!!!

  • Sydney Holland

    WOW!! I love the color of this bag!! I have to have it asap! I think that it is such a perfect bag for me to transition into fall with! Where can I buy it at??
    These women are very talented!!!

  • Amy

    I own about 9 Lockheart bags and I LOVE THEM. They are the only bag I carry. From my Hobos in the day to my clutches in the evening. I get compliments ALL the time. The range of colors and styles can fit in anyones personal style and age. I even have my mom wearing Lockheart bags. These designers are incredible and the smell of the leather and the texture is just amazing. I honestly put my face in every purse and smell. I am a little obsessed.

    Proud Lockheart owner- Amy

  • jeng

    Before I read the article I was sold. It is a beauty!

  • Gwen Coronado

    Gorgeous gorgeous LOCKHEART bag!
    Victorian Era meets high tech Era.
    This bag is so feminine yet so sturdy.
    I have always loved Lockheart’s quality and construction, made to last forever and forever….
    I feel good energy when I carry a Lockheart bag, one cannot describe the sensatitional feeling …
    In today’s economy, I told my husband, I need to stretch my budget by buying quality, not quantity.
    He agrees; therefore, Lockheart is again, on my shopping list.

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE Lockheart and all I carry are Lockheart bags.
    I have been a fan of theirs since they started their company and the bags just keep getting better and better.
    I get stopped in elevators, on the street, everywhere.
    People have even offered to buy them off of me!
    I am such a huge fan and am glad to see that others are too!

  • Corey

    Every bag is better than the next! I love the leathers they use and all the AMAZING details! I am always so amazed what these talented women can do with leather. I can’t wait to see what is next from Lockheart!

  • Loquita

    When and where will this bag be for sale? It’s so beautiful! I have been interested in Lockheart ever since I began paying attention to all of the TPF buzz (and of course looking at the pics!) These are definitely bags unlike anything else on the market, and this photo does them justice. Can you please provide us with any info. as to a release date/model name, Megs? Pretty please? This one’s on my list…

  • azureartist

    I forgot to add that I have 3 Lockhearts and one of their wallets (which I highly recommend). The great thing about Lockheart is how they cleverly incorporate pockets as a part of their design. If you look closely at the photo – I would bet that those are vertical pockets on the front of the bag. Lockheart handbags have so many great hiding places for your stuff. Very beautiful design and quite functional. I too don’t find them heavy at all. I get compliments on mine all the time. Also their CS rocks!

  • PattiTv

    I am a huge fan of Lockheart handbags! From large patent satchels, to small woven clutches & zipper-jeweled styles (I have indulged in a few!) each bag creates a feeling of being hip, sexy, sophisticated & fun. The details, luxurious materials and unique shapes, styles and colors are guaranteed to garner more than a few compliments. But let’s be honest, if the bags weren’t functional it wouldn’t be as fun to carry, right? Check out the inside lining and pockets… then hear the angels sing! lol

  • Jade


  • Dina

    Every season I look forward to the new and creative handbags from Lockheart! These designers are obviously passionate about what they do because you can see it with each design and idea. Just when I think they have outdone themselves… the next season gets better. We have to be lucky that there are still bags out there that have quality and love put into them!!

  • Gina R

    This bag is STUNNING.


  • Zoe

    I love this bag the color is gorgeous happens to be my favorite color.

    Love it, where can I get it!!!!

  • Bella

    I am a huge fan of yours ever since the IF era. I love the shape and color of this one. I agree with Sydney great transitional item for the fall.

  • Isabelle

    WOW! Love, the color love, the shape, as always thank you for the great handbags’ you do for us. I constantly receive compliments on my Lock hearts

  • Riley

    This bag is stunning the leather is soft and so light, stunning simply stunning

  • Kathryn

    LOVE THIS BAG! The color is fabulous and the leather looks so supple. I cannot wait to buy a new Lockheart this season!

  • Erika

    What a gorgeous color! It is so rich! Lockheart bags are my favorite because of their high quality leather and unique designs.

  • Laura

    This bag is amazing! Just when I think they can’t get any better they come out with something like this! I can’t wait for this to get into the stores. I need it NOW NOW NOW!!

  • Kristina

    I have been carrying lockheart for over a year now. I receive compliments daily. The leather wears perfectly and the purse holds it’s shape no matter how much I stuff into it! I am on my 2nd bag (the 1st one still looks great, I was just ready for something new)!

  • Christine

    I like the lasercut details! They looks like little butterflies :)

    Lockheart always seems to find the most beautiful shades for their handbags

  • otter

    Once again, the publcist at Lockheart is posting on here. Stop it. We know all of these are not real posts. STOP.

  • @otter: surprisingly, the IPs are all unique. I was suspicious myself, the logs check out though.

    Guess Lockheart does enjoy a lot of popularity these days.

  • jesicca

    wowww!this bag is simply stunning and amazing….Lockheart bags are fabulous.the color and leather are excellent!!!

  • bindc

    So, if we don’t do Facebook, we can’t win the bag? Bummer!

  • Loquita

    I just found out that the bag is called the Cut it out Candace, and it shipped out to stores recently. Anyone seen it IRL?

  • Karyl

    Wow! That is a gorgeous creation! Entirely fitting coming from the great design minds at Lockheart. I love their work and aesthetic. Plus, they are a group of powerful creative women! Carry on!

  • personatalie

    i have been ‘i’ing this bag from afar and now it is featured on the BLOG!!!!
    without a doubt this is “CUT IT OUT (candace)!!!!!!!!
    i have to have it
    i will have it. i am obsessed with these bags. there is NOTHING out there like them and i am falling in love all over again. My other lovers are going to be jealous, but who cares.
    ‘Simple folk” in black ,green and yellow needs a ‘cut it out candace’ cuz you had us at hello!!!!
    go lockheart

  • Stephanie

    This bag is lovely! Definitely digging all the details and the color! I Great photography too!

  • kelly

    the leather cutouts remind me of lace. It really adds a feminine touch to the bag that isn’t too overwhelming. The color is perfect for fall!

  • Denise

    If you’re already a fan on Facebook, are you automatically entered to win?? Also, I saw someone wrote about the “Bag Art” contest…have the winners been announced or have you still not decided?