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  • ninjaninja

    Love the concept. Very urban.

  • sonya

    love to see someone carry that through airport security — how many times would one get searched?

  • Megan

    I was thinking the exact same thing Sonya. Would love to see TSA flip out.

  • Jen

    I usually like the avant garde, but I find this bag extremely tasteless. Forget the TSA flipping out – what about all of the customers at any airplane, building, hospital, school, etc. who are scared witless? Not to mention any impressionable children thinking that it’s cool and stylish to carry around anything that has a 3-D version of realistic looking gun on it. Honestly, I’m not a prude, but I do think that every adult has some responsibility not to cause unnecessary fear and paranoia wherever he or she may go.

  • Stephanie

    Look around, people! We live in an incredibly unsafe world. This is offensive to me! I’m not going to even waste my time explaining. I hope none of you who find it “funny” are involved in a public shooting or lose a loved one in such an event.
    I think Jen hit the nail on the head when she said “tasteless”!

  • Sonya

    One of the things that get lost in posts in the tone of voice – my above comment was posted as a sarcastic one – I think this bag is ridiculous and in poor taste.

  • Wouldn’t be the first time that fashion has stirred controversy.

    The bag is made by http://www.vliegervandam.com/

    (Thanks to a Facebook commenter!)

  • louch

    I thought it was kinda cool. But I live in a country where guns are illegal and people don’t have access to them whenever they want.

  • mochababe73

    I thought that the bag was cool.
    I guess that I have a different perspective. I have been born and raised in TX (pop. 1500)where guns are carried in racks on the backs of trucks. My father kept them under his and our mother’s bed at home. He hunted. My husband’s uncle kept one propped up at the front door. Because we were trained as children to respect weapons and guns, no one was ever hurt, and I NEVER touched my father’s weapons.
    As usual, in my opinion, some are taking this a little too serious. Reading waaaaaay too much into things.
    I guess that I am ridiculous, classless, and have poor taste.
    And proud of it.

  • Veronica

    mochababe73 I have to disagree. If you lived in an urban city such as NYC you would think otherwise.

  • Nicole

    Being that I am a police officer, this bag shows what I am usually concealing in my own purse. That being said, just because I carry off-duty, I still would not carry a bag like this. Then again, I do not like to draw attention to myself or my weapon…which is exactly what this bag does.

    • Laurie

      This is exactly what I was thinking Nicole, no one who actually does carry a concealed weapon would wear this bag. I certainly wouldn’t. The point isn’t to announce you have a weapon…quite the opposite in my opinion.

      I get that it is a joke, but I certainly can understand why it makes some people who are not comfortable with guns a little upset.

  • LDJ

    I like it and I would carry it!!! 2 certain places that is. And I would avoid carrying this to an airport.

  • 19yearslater

    It just made me laugh when I saw this picture. Its making a joke out of something that’s a big controversy, and that’s pretty cool, imho. As long as hoodies and jewelry can have guns on them, why not a bag?

  • tPFmariah9999

    I’d be afraid I’d be tackled if I was carrying this bag because someone thought I was packing. In these times, no way…

  • Tina smith

    Lame you would be asking for trouble. It would have been better if it was a little more artistic and less just a gun on a handbag. Like a clutch in the shape of a gun or an exotic handgun or random handgun like a derringer.

  • Roxy_yeares

    I absolutely love this bag! I completely understand what everyone was saying but fashion is FASHION! I would carry this because its edgy and unique and thats it! What I carry has no concern to others! I have a purse with a fist with teh words HATE written over the fist. AM i saying i hate people or anyone in particular? No. The purse is made of all vegan products. Concept is I hate animal usage of any kind! Fashion has no opinion. Its to whom finds it attractive and wants to wear it! I LOVE IT!

  • BooIn

    Hot & bothered. I love this bag.

  • Chris

    This handbag makes many people feel uncomfortable or even unsafe (apart from the person wearing it of course) – therefore it is a no no.

  • Blaine

    Ha ha! Trompe l’oeil armaments – what a statement! Is it a grenade? Suitcase bomb? Haha! You’ll have to tackle me to find out! How I’ll laugh through the blood spurting through my nose against the curb when those silly billy cops discover they were PWND! Who’s the fashion victim now?

  • dierregi

    Fashionably silly, for trend followers. Of course, style is something else – you do not follow style, you either have it or not… and this is definitely not a bag of style :-)

  • mrsjones

    this bag says hands off! same way when i hang my prada skull key chain as my bag charm – it gives the same message “hands off, toxic material. beware!”

  • edoardo

    Love the “gunn-bag” it reminds me the shoes of Lagerfeld for Chanel of some years ago…wow!


  • Stacy

    I LOVE it and I, too, am a licensed concealed handgun carrier!! To each their own.

  • stephanie

    Has anyone heard of the expression guns DONT kill people PEOPLE kill people, I have been around guns for many years and live in L.A. If u fear them that is your ignorance of them, a knife can kill as well and cause more damage since they require no bullets yet we use them almost everyday so why are u not afraid of them?

  • Priscilla

    You know what, anyone who would think there is an actual gun in there is just silly anyway. It’s obvious to me that carrying a bag like that isn’t a big deal… it’s a bag so please stop losing your crap over it and having discussions about guns being dangerous. I think it’s tacky myself, but I do not think it’s offensive.

  • Pete

    Not sure this is the right day and age to be carrying images of guns on bags – especially the way public transport is targeted these days


  • Tara

    I live in NYC, I travel the world, I LOVE the bag. If the airport cant discern in under 5 seconds that the leather gun is embossed onto the bag then this country has bigger problems. I am totally buying one now. I also have a federal license to carry a real gun across state lines, the right to bear arms…leather or not. Love the bag. Look for me at the airport lol!

  • the Bespokeman

    Ooh! Get down with your bad self! Guns invite gun play. What’s next a colostomy bag? Better yet! How about an imprint of your real phone number like you find on a washroom wall. Still, I would try one, so I can stop my local cop for directions. LOL!

  • Otter


  • B

    WhatEver. One look at the guy and ya know he’s not holding So it’s got to be a visible statement about “Something”. Looks like it’s doing what it is indended to do. Keep Thinking and Talking. I’m more toward skull and crossed bones. To each their own self {?}.

  • Daelily

    I wish I could find a nice concealed weapons bag that I didn’t have to buy from sports catalog. I too, have a CCW permit. I like the “hands-off” statement this bag makes. However, this not concealed then, is it?