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  • Avalon Bleu

    This can’t be a “man-bag”. Surely he is just holding his wife’s handbag while she is grabbing the Starbucks!

    • Not at all. I shot this during fashion week and saw him several times that day with it.

  • Lulugurl

    I still can’t think of it as a “man-bag”, but heck its a great bag and a great photo! :D I want it!

  • karin

    great bag, but not in a million years would by dh be holding it unless it was for me:)

  • Alena

    um, this just looks wrong

  • New-New

    I ain’t even man.

    Do yo’ thang.

    As a guy myself, I’m considering a version of the chanel GST in black cavair leather. It’s classic, and with siver hardware, it looks cool.

  • Dominic

    R.I.P. Man Bag Monday

    • It will be back next week full-force, promise! These past few weeks have been really hectic with personal things

  • gpc

    Whoever this guy is, he looks like he is trying too hard to be “fashionable”…

  • ChanelAngel

    I saw a man who lives in my apartment carry a grey Hermes bag on his elbow- twice. I’ve concluded that that belongs to him as I’ve only seen him carrying it around.

    I think men should really stick to their man bags. Please no womanly bags.. no matter if it’s a chanel or not!! It just looks a bit weird . :S

  • Honey Makwakwa

    Altogether too disturbing, there is no middle ground or masculinity this is simply put- Wrong!

  • StyleFiend

    Men can pull of Chanel. I like to think so because I have one and I’m a guy. LOL. Maybe if he wore a different outfit. But even with a different outfit, I doubt that it will work.

  • nielnielniel

    NO. Dont be deluded. Men can pull of certain bags but NOT this bag. Esp with the chain thing. Look at Brad Goreski. He pulled off a Chanel briefcase.

  • The Little Dust Princess

    Interesting. I would assume he’s holding it for his gf or wife, but I guess that’s not the case here!

  • Cindy

    Back at ancient time, the idea of ” bag” was originally designed for man, for hunter especially. I don’t see there is anything wrong a man wears a timeless handbag like Chanel in the city.

  • Megan

    My husband would rather die.

  • Bagolicious

    It looks like a male carrying a female bag. There’s nothing manly about it.

  • KoutueCrochet.com

    Personally, i love the man bag. but for some reason that particular bag does not seem man bag-like to me. i think it might be the chain that chanel uses. i think a strap would be more fitting for a man bag

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  • Josephine


  • NickEsserNOW

    I would wear this with pride and a little pep in my step! FABULOUS.


  • Lynne

    Holding it like this is okay, hope he did not put in on shoulder?

  • Vicky

    Men can pull off many bags. Unfortunately, I just don’t think this is one of them. Not this bag. Not this time.

  • DJ

    Uh, no.

    No man can pull that off.

  • NZ

    if this person can afford to buy this bag id say kudos to him.
    why would we judge whatever he likes or not.
    why be bitter, be better id say.

  • Kate

    So not into that look!

  • Nat

    I don’t see why the GST on a man would be ‘wrong’? I think it’s awesome and it looks super cool to me! Loosen up a bit ;-)

  • katkat

    what’s the style name for this bag? I saw it in the store @ Neiman. It cost $2600… only two color – camel and black! I love it.. but want a different color!

  • Antooka

    That is absolutely WRONG !

  • b

    its not the bag that worries me. its those absolutely disgusting shoes which look like they belong in a school playground.

  • SHinSF

    he has some taste disorder…oops…so bitter…

  • Babs

    Again, creepy…


    i dont get why people are being so rude about this. its his personal choice. and if he enjoys it, let him be. i dont get the comments like no guys would ever hold this yatti yatti.. and secondly he might be a homoesexual, which i also am, and can possibly enjoy more womenly/feminine bags.. i personally would love to have a chanel flap bag in the fabric quilted one, i just cant afford it yet..

  • LouisBoy

    Personally i wouldnt carry it but if he likes it he should work it! Alot of people say that i being a guy shouldnt carry a speedy 40 because its too “GIrly” but i do anyways. Guys if you like a bag rock it!

  • AstaK.

    Id love to see gay people wearing more bags just like this!

    And metrosexual men also. I think its lovely and honestly enjoying ones life like it should be enjoyed!

    Go for it guys!

  • coombe lane guy

    There are two types of guys that deny to wear designers bags like Chanel or Hermes

    1) Tasteless guys
    2) Penniless guys

  • sharefa

    ilove this marke

  • sharefa

    I saw a man who lives in my apartment carry a grey Hermes bag on his elbow- twice. I’ve concluded that that belongs to him as I’ve only seen him carrying it around.

    I think men should really stick to their man bags. Please no womanly bags.. no matter if it’s a chanel or not!! It just looks a bit weird . :S

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  • willianahuang

    I love to see more pictures if you have anymore!