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  • Clair

    Gorgeous, throughly researched, and so fun! This has been one of my favorite posts on PB.

    • Katherine Callaghan

      Thanks, so glad you liked it. There will definitely be more Shoe Guides coming soon!

  • Amanda

    It seems like the blog has been getting a ton of complaints about the amount of shoe articles, but I say keep them coming! While bags are clearly your focus, I don’t see any harm in expanding into footwear and beauty supplies- especially when a lot of the articles have correlating themes! Thank you!

    • Sara

      I particularly love it when they do shoe and bag duo. TBH, I’ll look at any product as long as there is a bag somewhere in the vicinity lol

      • Amanda

        Lol- me too! And, hear you with the tie in to handbags…I mean, at the end of the day, the main reason we are here is because we obviously love HANDBAGS! :)

  • Kate

    I’m a huge devotee of Valentino’s Rockstud bags and shoes. This post is drool-worthy.

  • Mimi

    Are there two different ankle styles (at least for the pumps)? Or more than two?

    • Katherine Callaghan

      As for the pumps there are two ankle strap styles. Slide 3 is the high heel style (approximately 4 inches) and slide 4 is the mid-heel style (approximately 2.5 inches). Aside from the heel height, the only difference is the high heel style has one ankle strap whereas the mid-heel has three. Slide 5 falls more along the lines of a flat, although it does have a very slight heel (approximately 0.25 inches).

  • Smithy

    Too popular for my taste.

  • Dwightinha

    Loved and bought this design since they were first introduced! I am an avid shoe lover and have a huge collection from every possible designer through the last 30 years. I think I’ll never tire of the Rockstuds; any Rockstud.

  • W S M

    I enjoyed this. I think the shoe articles are great because there’s a tendency to complete an outfit with complementing handbag AND shoes. In terms of the Rockstud, I’ve been in a love/hate relationship due to overexposure. But now I’m back in love and I can’t decide to go with a pair of Caged Ballerinas or Mid-Heel. Or both! :P

  • pinkloverme

    I used to only like the rockstud pumps with the 100mm or 4 inch heels. But after a while, I began to appreciate the beauty of all the heel heights, even the ballet flats. From the way the ankle straps are positions to the way they look on the feet, I just can’t help but fall in love with the rockstuds.

    I was in a mall once and I saw a girl in the Valentino rockstud ballet flats and oh my goodness, they’re beautiful and are to die for!

  • Pamela Tobin

    Isn’t there a tonal one where the color is solid entirely?

  • The Beautiful Things

    i never looked at these so closely! great post x http://www.the-beautiful-things.com/

  • Puja Wahi

    I love the black and nude color combo. I’m enjoying the shoe posts. This is so well researched.

  • Jewish Chick

    SO happy you are expanding into shoes!!! LOVED your last post on the CL’s!

    Regarding Valentino shoes, here is my personal time wearing guideline:

    1. Heels: 6-8 hours (AMAZINGLY comfortable)
    2. Flats: 1-2 hours (SO uncomfortable, I wish I returned mine when I first purchased them but LOVED the pink hue)
    3. Rainboots: endless (comfortable, size one whole size up, but are SO heavy)
    4. Sandals and flip flops: endless

    IG: @jewish_chick

    • ritzysquish

      Hi!! Can you explain why you find the flats so uncomfortable? I’m looking for a pair of flats for my wedding (bad knee = no heels :( ) and thought I had the perfect option in the Rockstud flats.

      • Jewish Chick

        I honestly can’t explain it but they took me a full YEAR to break them in. If you look on my IG page, I am in CL’s all the time so flats should not be an issue for me but they were. And I hear it frequently from other women as well.

        Personally, I would NEVER wear them on the day of my wedding, I would be crying after an hour from pain.

        If you are set on flats, check out some Miu Miu, Prada, or CL flats.

  • Senorita

    I am so sick of these shoes I could barf every time I see them rather real or knock offs. Please make them go away.

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Can you please write an up-to-date guide adding the no-strap version of the new Valentino classic heels? (silly they don’t have another name for them so it’s soo hard to search for their reviews online). They look like classic heels, with studs and no straps.

  • Lily

    Would love to read more Shoe Guides please! This one was amazing! Very well researched and great pictures. Loved It!!

  • SandiBeach22

    Yes, more Valentino’s please!!! I was in the Balenziaga handbag forum and shifted to TF and now Val. Got so crazy, I ordered over 20 pairs!!!! But I had some catching up to do! We have been decorating our new house and I have all of my Armoire clothes on the floor in my closets. Now all Vals are in new drawers and Armoires! They look so nice with anything, they are the perfect shoe. Not to mention all the different styles. I have about 3/4 more on my list.

  • SandiBeach22

    Can I ask a question? I am in LOVE with the navy/gold. I cannot make up my mind on whether to get the kitten heels or caged flats in this color? What do you die hard Val girls think? Thx

  • SandiBeach22

    I too love Valentino. I have many and don’t see them going out of style for me at the moment. All the rest are sort of plain and cannot go well with everything darn thing out there! Also have a few of their bags. And the straps can expand your bag wardrobe.