First of all, I have Anna to thank for my new found appreciation of messenger bags. Honestly, before she started working with us, I just really wasn’t a fan. Maybe this was because messenger bags just never really did anything for me. And perhaps I wrote them off a while back and never moved along as designs changed and improved.

Tory Burch Nashe Messenger Bag

Today is Monday, and since it is the beginning of the week, what better time to start-a-new than now? It is pretty simple folks, I am a fan of the Tory Burch Nashe Messenger Bag. This folded canvas messenger bag might look a bit ordinary if it wasn’t for the logo medallion, leather banding, wooden disc and leopard-print enamel which surrounds the medallion. Typically, I would say a white messenger bag might get too dirty too soon, but this is one I might take extra good care of, sling over my shoulder and sport it proudly. Buy through Shopbop for $395.

Sweet Summertime

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