I don’t know what’s been going on elsewhere in the country, but it’s been kind of a wet spring in my neck of the woods. And it always seems to rain on weekends, precisely when I want to go somewhere fabulous or do something exciting or wear something new, completely foiling my plans. Obviously, I’m bitter.

But if there’s anything that could make me happy again, it would be a rain-appropriate bag that’s still sunny enough to make me forget about bad weather. Perhaps something like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Q Moon Sling Small Crossbody is just what the doctor ordered?

There’s no color more reminiscent of sunshine than yellow, of course, and a shot of it on a grey, dreary day is something that all of us need from time to time. Also, this bag is nylon instead of leather, making it particularly appropriate when weather gets nasty. This look may skew too young for all women to embrace it, but I’d like to sign up for one of these bags right away. Buy through Saks for $198.

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