If you had told me yesterday that today, I would look at a black leather satchel with small silver studs and think it was interesting or inventive, I would have told you to shut up. No kidding.

And yet, the Kenneth Cole New York Emcee Squared Satchel is both interesting and inventive. It’s also pretty stylish and reasonably priced, all of which can sometimes be hard to find in a functional black leather bag. Valentino wishes it had come up with this idea first.

The patched effect had every opportunity to get sloppy and likely would have done so quickly, but the perfectly controlled chaos of the pieces of leather are what make this design tick. The tiny studs are the perfect scale to execute the look without overpowering it, and the simple shape of the bag lets the textured motif speak for itself. I only have to issues: first, the handle attachments are out of proportion with the size of the bag. Second, the layered effect doesn’t continue on the back. Although if it had, the price probably would have been higher, so I guess that evens out. Buy through Nordstrom for $298.

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  • 19yearslater

    I don’t like the way the handles are attached, but the patchwork of squares looks very nice.

  • susan

    I saw this during the Nordstrom’s sale, it feels cheap and the handle is awkward.

  • Mona

    B. Makowksky did a verison of this MUCH better, with better quality leather and a more agreeable price

  • mochababe73

    I like the fact that the shape and silhouette was kept simple to let the patchwork shine. What is surprising that something this edgy is by Kenneth Cole.
    As far as B. Makowsky is, I think that the patchwork on his bag was alot larger. The smaller pieces command a higher price because more workmanship is involved.
    If I had $300 in expendable cash and was in a color other than black, I would buy it. But, alas, I have to spend money on back to school items for my kids. The sacrifices that a fashionista has to make for her children.

  • Chris

    I am afraid after a few months the leather will look terrible, the squares will wear out and look like black Cornflakes. Unless all squares are completely glued to the bag, that is (but I do not think they are, you can see that) .
    So, no thanks.