Ah, the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Bag is like coming home. You know the feeling. No matter where you live or how long it has been since you’ve been home, more often than not when you do return home, you are able to breathe a sigh of relief. This is how I feel about Rebecca Minkoff‘s Nikki Bag. No matter what color, I always breathe a pleasant sigh of relief.

Rebecca Minkoff Red Iguana Nikki Bag

Yet again, I am a fan of the new Rebecca Minkoff Red Iguana Nikki Bag. It’s just gorgeous. I love the exotic take on a classic. Of course, it is pretty easy to see that this is an iguana-embossed leather handbag and not a real exotic. There’s nothing wrong with that. The gold hardware was a good pick instead of silver because I the gold pops much more against the red leather than the silver would have. Like any Nikki bag, there is plenty of room, ample pocket choices and nothing less than a bag that will stand the test of time. Buy through Shopbop for $635.

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  • Amanda R

    I love RM bags – I own one and hope to own more – but I just cannot see the appeal of these “iguana” patterns. I find them absolutely atrocious and ridiculously fake looking. I am usually never this harsh, but I really hate this leather!

  • Rufina

    Have to agree with you Amanda R.
    Pattern ruins this bag

  • Linda

    That’s one of the ugliest bags I’ve ever seen…

  • nancy29

    Perhaps this bag looks better IRL, but in the photo the leather looks more like plastic. I don’t care for it.

  • Sam

    its so stiff in person and quite ugly

  • Loquita

    Okay, after a long hiatus I am back again as a huge RM fan, but even I have to admit that this bag is hideous, and is in *in no way* representative of the rest of RM’s fall handbag line — which is her best yet, in my humble opinion. Please take a minute to check it out, you’ll be glad you did!