Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Zip Wallet

Is there anything in particular that makes you want to buy a new handbag? If you are like most of us here on the Purse Blog team, you might not need a specific reason other than just because you want to. Frankly, that can be reason enough. However, there are certain times when I hear about a recent purchase or gift and it sparks my interest. Case in point: Megs’ birthday was this past weekend and Vlad bought her a fabulous new Louis Vuitton wallet. This got me thinking, “hey, I need a new wallet too”!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Zip Wallet looks like an awesome option for a new wallet. As much wear and tear a handbag goes through, wallets go through even more. Between grabbing it out of your handbag and then throwing it back into your bag, pulling money or cards out and placing either back in as well as all the stuff that it hits up against, wallets really take a beating.

Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags are typically sturdy and fashionable bags. This wallet is no exception. Pebbled leather, two flap pockets and silver hardware are the first things you see about the wallet. Open it up and find a divided interior, zipper pocket for your change, bill slot for you money and six card slots for those credit cards that get plenty of use. The only thing I find a bit concerning is if this wallet might get too bulky. Other than that, it is great. Buy through Shopbop for $124.

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stella fleuret
stella fleuret
13 years ago

REALLY cute! I think it’s a bit on the bulky/thick side due to the front pockets, but other than that, it’s adorable! I love MBMJ wallets, I really need to get myself one already! =D

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