Holy studding batman! Leave it to Marc Jacobs to take a trend and push it to the complete extreme. He and his design team have an idea and completely commit to it. And the thing is, this commitment usually results in a bag that really has a purpose. This bag is exactly what I am talking about. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Party Girl Pixie is a lot to take in, but once you do, there is a good chance you might find yourself liking it!

Before I go any further, I am going to say again that this bag serves a specific purpose. It is the kind of bag that works with the right outfit and the right occasion. The orange leather is adorned with stud and grommet details of several shapes and sizes all over the bag. All of these studs and grommets might seem like a lot, but they actually look pretty good on this small bag with its drawstring closure. Another great thing about this bag is that although it is small it packs quite a punch. So much so that it would actually be a fantastic option for a night out on the town! Buy through Saks for $358.

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