Linea Pelle

If you are like me you are counting down the hours until Black Friday. Now that I am home for Thanksgiving, I get to rummage through all of the ads that the family gets in the mail too. It is both good and bad. Good because I am finding great deals and gearing up. Bad because I am making excuses as why I should buy something, just because it is on sale.

Anyways, Linea Pelle has given me another outlet for lusting. Starting today, November 24th and ending December 1st, there are two great deals going on. All you need to do is plug in one of the codes below at checkout to receive the discount; happy shopping! CLICK HERE TO SHOP!!!

25% off any Dylan Handbag with promo code: DYLANPURSEBLOG
An additional 20% off any Sale item with promo code: IHEARTPURSEBLOG

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