Lauren Merkin Snake Fringe Clutch

Oh my goodness folks, this is a Lauren Merkin clutch. Who would have thought? I’ve become so used to the classic design of Lauren Merkin clutches that I actually did a double take when I came across the Lauren Merkin Snake Fringe Clutch. After I got passed my state of surprise, I found myself liking this clutch.

An exclusive to Shopbop, this metallic snake-embossed leather clutch has tiered fringe throughout the entire bag. The way that the tiered fringe is executed could easily make or break the bag. Since, the fringe is delicate, it totally works. This is a perfect clutch for so many of your different outfits. Pair it with a skirt, dress or jeans and it can work. The bag isn’t too over the top nor is it boring. Thank you Lauren Merkin, thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone. Buy through Shopbop for $225.

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